Prevagen, Your Brain Will Thank You


From mental boosts, to mood enhancement, stress management, memory loss, and many other benefits, exercise and healthy eating does so many incredible things for our bodies. However, these two things can’t do all the heavy lifting on their own.

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Healthy bodies and healthy minds are something one does not want to take for granted. If there was more you could do to maximize to protect these two, would you? Prevagen is that supplement you are looking for. Prevagen is a supplement to help with slight forgetfulness that happens as we get older.

The correlation between mental and physical fitness is strong. Exercise and Prevagen when used together are a powerful team. Mental clarity, stress management, boosted creativity, and heightened concentration are just to name a few ways exercise can benefit us. Then when Prevagen is added it acts as a protectant to these benefits.

Have you ever played brain games (soduko, crossword puzzles, word searches, etc)? These too add to our healthy brain function. Challenging our minds keeps it sharp and acts as a workout for our mind. This slowing of brain related aging is also enhanced when using the supplement, Prevagen.

As you can see there are many benefits of physical and mental health and how it correlates to a healthy brain. It is also worth noting how important it is for us to to protect and do all that we can to enhance our brain function. Doing this for ourselves is one of the best investments we can do.

Prevagen has been shown to provide many positive results as soon as 90-days. Some of results include improved mental function and increased memory. This is an investment worth making in yourself. Ensuring and warding off brain related aging. We need to make this a priority in our lives.

Prevagen has been available since 2007 and is now in over 50,000 stores in the United States. This supplement does not require a prescription. There have been poverty one million people that have tried this supplement. Pharmacists have raving reviews and have rated Prevagen as the top supplement of this kind.

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Quincy Bioscience is the company that created Prevagen. They are a biotech company from Madison, Wisconsin. They have spent a lot of time dedicated to creating a safe and quality product to support brain function. It is reassuring to know that a responsible company is looking to better the lives of many.

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James Dondero Looks To Help Dallas Grow Into The Future


James Dondero relocated to the Dallas, Texas area in 1993 when he had already become an important member of the financial community in the U.S. Upon arriving in Dallas, Texas with his business partner, Mark Akada, the Highland Capital Management co-founder and Chairperson decided it was vital their new brand played a role in the local community. Dallas is a major financial center in the global economy with more than 20 Fortune 500 companies located in the city that are playing a major part in the development of a major philanthropic and financial sector in the Texan city.

Highland Capital Management has been at the heart of the philanthropic sector in Dallas since the financial institution was born in the early-1990s. James Dondero has been a vital cog in the philanthropic wheel of Dallas, Texas where the growing need for an improved level of philanthropy has been seen in almost every area. The traditional way of providing philanthropic support for the arts is a part of the life of James Dondero following his personal decision to provide support for a number of the most popular artistic institutions in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. For example, Dondero has been a consistent supporter of the Dallas Symphony Orchestra and provided a large amount of support for the Dallas Zoo.

Some of the work being done by James Dondero within the Dallas-Fort Worth area is not as widely publicized but seen by many to be even more important. The Family Place has been one of the most important areas for James Dondero as he navigates the philanthropic waters of the world. The Highland Capital Management Chairperson has provided financial support for the charitable group that provides a safe haven for adults and children who are the victims of domestic abuse and are looking to start a new life.


Nitin Khanna: Changing the Ecosystem


If asked to wrap Nitin Khanna’s entire life into a single word, several might come to mind; entrepreneur, Indian, vintner, investor, producer. Look deeper into his life, however, and one can come up with the best possible choice: change.

 Nitin Khanna, the son of an Indian army colonel, was given an opportunity that likely shaped his life. At eight years old, he was sent to Sanawar, India with the fortuity to attend The Lawrence School. One of the most prestigious schools in Asia since its inception in 1847, The Lawrence School, popularly called Sanawar, accepts children that can pass its competitive entrance examination. Khanna successfully passed the examination securing his position in the school which helped to build the resilient entrepreneur’s future.

Fast forwarding to 2013 finds Nitin Khanna on the cutting edge of documentary production with Cullent Hoback’s documentary Terms and Conditions May Apply. The film, heavily foreshadowing Edward Snowden’s data leak later that same year, was a first for the entrepreneur, but would not be his last. A mere four years later, Khanna and Hoback would work together on What Lies Upstream, a muckraking documentary that revealed new information about poor water quality control practices in the US.

An avid wine lover, Khanna serves on the Board of the Classic Wines Auction, a charitable organization raising nearly $50 million for children of Oregon and southwest Washington. Amid a flurry of fantastic networking opportunities, Nitin Khanna’s deep love of wine and admiration for wine-making have kept the Portland resident, and dual engineering degree holder, motivated.

 From enrollment in Sanawar to graduation from Purdue University to the launch of Saber Software (a company worth over $470 million at the time of sale) to MergerTech, from his involvement as CEO of Cura Cannabis (valued at nearly $1 billion) to his love of of Pinot Noir, Nitin Khanna exemplifies the eclectic entrepreneur. In an interview with Startup Weekly on October 10, 2011, Khanna stated what would go on to be a common thread throughout much of his work, “How can we change the ecosystem?” Perhaps a question more entrepreneurs should ask themselves.

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RBS Group Establishes Itself As One Of Brazil’s Leading Multimedia Firms


Grupo RBS is a large multimedia conglomerate located in Brazil. It is based in Porto Allegre, Rio Grande do Sul, and serves that state and Santa Catarina. It was founded in 1957 by entrepreneur Maurício Sirotsky Sobrinho.

For most of its history, it was strictly an old-school media company. Its first radio station was Rádio Gaúcha in Porto Alegre. TV Gaúcha was established in this city in 1962. Its first regional TV network, TV Caxias, was established in 1969. Grupo RBS started doing business in Santa Catarina in 1979 when it established a TV station in Florianopolis.

In 1986, it inaugurated its first newspaper. This is Diario Catarinense in Florianopolis. That same year saw the passing of its founder and he was replaced as the chief executive officer by his son, Nelson Sirotsky. He continued to add newspapers, TV and radio stations to Grupo RBS’ multimedia portfolio.

In the 2000s, its leadership saw how Grupo RBS needed to evolve or it would be rendered irrelevant in the digital age. While continuing to operate its other media, Grupo RBS began to aggressively develop and online strategy. It now has several websites including Pense Carros, Predicta, Hagah, clicRBS, Vitrinepix, ObaOba, and Guia Da Semana. These websites cover areas like current news, sports, weather, entertainment, and traffic. It also offers e-commerce sites such as Wine Vinhos. To know more about RBS visit

It has a code of conduct that expresses the values and beliefs employees are expected to follow. Grupo RBS makes a full commitment to use ethics and respect when communicating to its audiences. This is described in its “Guide to Journalistic Ethics and Self-Regulation,” which outlines its production, professional, and journalistic conduct.

RBS offers an internship program meant to attract and develop newcomers to the media industry. Young people are given an opportunity to translate what they learned in college into practice. Kelly Matos says she started as an intern at Rádio Gaúcha in 2006 and was then hired to produce a radio show. She now anchors one of the radio station’s most popular programs.,297812.jhtml

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American Addiction Centers Suggest that Benzo Use Shows No Sign of Slowing


When benzodiazepines are used, they affect the patient by giving the body a calming or drowsy effect through the release of GABA. One of the most dangerous issues associated with benzodiazepines concerns the rapid rate in which tolerance is developed.

After taking a specified dose for a short period of time, the effect that it has begins to diminish, causing the patient to need higher doses to combat the anxiety disorder.

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This can also lead to cravings for the drug within the body. Using benzodiazepines causes the brain to flood with dopamine, and, due to the positive feelings associated with this, causes the brain to associate usage with a reward. When discontinuing the use of benzodiazepines, it is necessary for the patient to do so with a set plan in order.

Stopping the use of the drug suddenly can lead to a number of adverse effects, including withdrawal symptoms or death.

While benzodiazepines have become a major problem throughout the United States, many healthcare professionals are speaking out against using them, particularly without exhausting other, safer methods. Once other options, such as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, have been proven to be unsuccessful, benzodiazepines may become a viable option.

If benzodiazepines are chosen as the best option for treating a patient’s anxiety, proper education regarding the dangers of the drug should be available. Education, along with a short-term treatment plan, can be instrumental in avoiding addiction, dependence, and other risk factors.

Although education regarding the dangers of benzodiazepines has become more prevalent in recent years, this has not impeded usage, as the rate continues to rise.

While many healthcare professionals agree that the misuse of benzodiazepines is not overly common, the rising rate of use, as well as the rapid onset of tolerance, make a serious issue. Dr. Lawrence Weinstein of American Centers, believes that addiction can become a factor in a matter of months.

Along with the dangers of addiction associated with benzodiazepines, are a number of side effects that range in severity. Issues such as headache, dizziness, cognitive impairment, and memory loss are not uncommon. Recent studies have even begun linking consistent use of the drug with dementia.

Death from taking benzodiazepines is rare when taken as a singular substance, but when accompanied by alcohol, or other highly addictive drugs, the risk increases significantly. Despite the fact that benzodiazepines are generally prescribed to treat anxiety, persistent use can also exacerbate the existing disorder, creating the need for continued use.

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When benzodiazepines are prescribed, it is imperative that they are kept in a safe place. The availability of the drug in homes across the United States has significantly increased the practice of recreational use, particularly amongst young people.

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Why Gustavo Martinez Transitioned Into An Independent Consultancy Role


With over three decades of experience in the field, Gustavo Martinez is an accomplished marketing professional who has worked with a large number of well-known firms in the niche. Throughout this time, he has served as the president of both Mather and Ogilvy, a position he also held with the McCann World Group. While these positions would warrant a significant amount of awe in themselves, Martinez claims that his most prestigious role was with J. Walter Thompson Worldwide, where he served as CEO for several years.


During this time, the advertising professional was involved in a large number of marketing campaigns, many of which would go on to become cultural touchstones across the world. Despite the success that he has seen with these firms, Martinez has begun transitioning into a consultancy role, which he claims offers him much more freedom and flexibility when doing his job.


While this may seem like a surprising move, independent consultancy has played a large role in the marketing industry for over a century. During this time, it has proven to have a considerable number of benefits, both for those who offer their services this way and for the firms that take advantage of them. This is something that Gustavo Martinez looks to capitalize on moving forward, with there being a few notable ways that he aims to do so.


Perhaps the most notable of these are the freedom and flexibility that independent consultancy offers, which are factors that he believes are vital for marketing professionals. This is predominantly because advertising is, by definition, a creative field, which is something that Martinez claims can often be hindered by the constraints of a typical nine-to-five office job. In these roles, the entrepreneur notes that a large number of restrictions can usually be placed on an advertising professional, which he says can often hamper their abilities.


Though Gustavo Martinez notes that marketing professionals will work toward a set goal just like any other worker, he claims that they need the freedom to undergo their creative processes to reach and surpass these goals. However, this may often not be possible in a modern workplace. As such, he suggests that operating as an independent consultant can be a much more preferable route for the majority of creative professionals, both inside and outside the marketing world.


Despite stepping aside from his role as the CEO of J. Walter Thompson Worldwide, this hasn’t meant that Martinez’s work ethic has slowed down. In contrast, it seems as though the entrepreneur works as much as he did when with the firm full-time. This typically involves a 12-hour workday, with this beginning at 7 am for breakfast and a variety of preparations before getting to the office by 9 am.


Though he’s now working for himself, Gustavo Martinez is still in a leadership position and brings together a significant amount of creative talent for a variety of projects. In keeping with his philosophy about the creative process, he strives to ensure that the people who work with him have as much freedom and flexibility as possible in their roles.


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Contributions of Peter Briger in the Growth and Success of Fortress Investment Group


Fortress Investment Group is one of the largest alternative investment companies in the United States. Since its inception, the entity has achieved huge success through its strategically formulated policies. However, the growth of the company can be highly attributed to its a successful leaders, such as Peter Briger, who have dedicated their lives to the success of the company. During his lengthy stay, Peter has been the shining light and strategy formulator in the company. One of his major skills that have been very useful in the company is his ability to determine investment opportunities that have the potential for growth.

Thousands of companies and investors are mostly focusing on the capital market to make profits. However, Peter Briger directed Fortress Group to invest in alternative assets such as old railway lines and abandoned factories. This was a move that would have been seen by many as speculative. However, with the financial boom that has been witnessed in the United States in the last few years, the company has been able to reap huge benefits from the sale of these properties. Peter Briger used his financial skills and his vast knowledge to analyze the potential of alternative asset investment. These properties were trading at very low prices because they had very little or no demand. Acquiring such properties was, therefore, easy and cheap.

Peter Briger has also been the face behind the extensive real estate investment that is currently being undertaken by Fortress Investment Group. After the acquisition of the company by Softbank, there has been an increase in cash injections in the operations of the company. Most of the funds are being used in major commercial infrastructure development, especially the monumental property at the heart of New York City. Senior housing is another major investment strategy that Peter Briger has introduced in the operations of Fortress Investment Group. With the number of senior people increasing in the country, Fortress Group is leveraging on this opportunity to provide housing to the senior people. Other investment products in the same line such as the New Senior Investment Group have already been incorporated in the company’s portfolio.

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Jeremy L. Goldstein: A Man of Many Acts


Jeremy L. Goldstein is a popular lawyer in New York City and for good reasons. This is one of the most progressive-thinking individuals in the city, and he uses his talents to help those who are in need. Jeremy Goldstein founded his own boutique-styled law firm that goes by the name of Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates. This is a full-time job that deals in providing professional guidance for compensation committees, CEOs and management teams. This extraordinary man is also very distinguished thanks to his wide array of talents. Goldstein has participated in some of the largest transactions in corporate America over the past decade. This including working closely with Bank One, Bank of America, Verizon Wireless, South African Breweries, Duke Energy, Oracle Systems, J.P. Morgan Chase, Merck, The Dow Chemical Company, Chevron/Texaco Corporation and many more.


Jeremy Goldstein has decades worth of experience in acquisitions. This New York-based attorney states that “my greatest achievement to date was taking part in the acquisitions process via J.P. Morgan Chase.” He is a businessman through and through, but he also has a much softer side that many people don’t know about. This softer side has led him into new waters, which just so happens to be being a board member for a nonprofit organization. This nonprofit organization is New York-based, and its name is Fountain House. This charitable organization has worked wonders for people who suffer with some form of mental illness. Fountain House actually houses and educates these special individuals while providing employment. Helping each individual in becoming self-sufficient is the main goal. Many of the occupants at Fountain House have gone on to hold job positions in horticulture, education, communications and culinary.


In order for this organization to sustain itself, it depends on sponsors who donate and raises capital. Jeremy L. Goldstein does this in a brilliant way, and he has helped raise over $60,000 in the past two years. Earlier in 2019, Goldstein hosted a wine dinner at the NoMad Hotel in New York City. On top of that, this wine dinner was held on the hotel’s roof deck. Ticket prices were estimated at $5,000, and many high-profile socialites attended the event. It is proactive approaches like this that has earned Jeremy Goldstein the title of being a philanthropist. This only scratches the surface to what this man has accomplished in his life, but you should have a much better understanding of how great he really is.


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Angela Koch Implements Employee Focused Plans Of Action At The U.S Money Reserve


Angela Koch has played a large role in the improvements brought about to the U.S Money Reserve, especially considering the fact that she stands as the CEO of the company.

She is someone who has brought forward several positive developmental plans for the company and has pushed for the growth of the U.S Money Reserve as a whole.

Standing as the only female CEO in the precious metals industry, Koch has showcased that she is not only strong with regards to her professionalism, but also with regards to the work that she does and her knowledge of the industry.

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She is responsible for all of the activities within the U.S Money Reserve and oversees all of their internal and external operations.

She does this while also setting the tone for the entire culture at the U.S Money Reserve and focusing on the various places in which the company can improve.

Over the past few years, the U.S Money Reserve has experienced an incredible amount of success, especially when it comes to their sales of gold and silver bonds.

The company stands as one of the biggest sellers of gold, silver, and platinum, which have time and again proven to be incredible for the purpose of investments.

Over the years, the company has been able to serve thousands of customers all over the country, with more coming to them on a regular basis.

The work that the company has done during this time has been nothing short of incredible and has enabled the financial stability of several individuals who have been looking to make better investments and better trades.

Since taking over as the CEO of the company, Angela Koch has played an enormous role in the numerous positive implementations within the company. At her core, she believes that the U.S Money Reserve is a sales organization that is looking to sell gold and silver bonds.

By looking at the company in this manner, she has been able to implement plans of action that improved the sales that the company was experiencing, drawing in more people than ever before.

Employee upliftment is also a strong point that Koch has wanted to focus on at the company. She holds the opinion that the individuals working at the company form the backbone of the U.S Money Reserve and without them, the company would not be at the position that it stands at today.

Because of this viewpoint, she has helped implement several positive plans of action such as employee training programs and seminars for employees of the company.

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These programs are mainly implemented to be able to offer individuals with the tools that they need to grow and develop professionally.

These tools are also given to individuals with the aim that they will use them to improve their knowledge of the industry and the company, and so that one day they can take on prominent positions within the company and rise up the ranks of the U.S Money Reserve.

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Social Media Changes The Way Steve Lesnard Approaches Marketing The North Face


The North Face is one of the world’s most recognizable brands in the outdoor apparel and equipment market. Despite being one of the most famous outdoors brands in the world, The North Face executives had become concerned the brand had become stagnant with millions of customers only looking at the brand as the maker of the classic Denali fleece jacket. The Global Vice President of Marketing, Steve Lesnard has been looking for new ways of bringing the products of the brand to the masses with an eye on younger customers. The use of social media influencers has been growing throughout the retail sector as brands begin to notice how their sales can be boosted when they are worn by popular IYTube and Instagram personalities.

Steve Lesnard thought the marketing campaigns of The North Face were not focusing on the young people needed to make the brand a success in both the present and the future. Lesnard decided to look back through the history of the brand and create retro lines using designs from the past that had been identified on Instagram and other social media platforms as beloved by its users. There are many ways social media influencers and other individuals famous on social media platforms can use their followers to create a buzz around a set of products.

For Steve Lesnard, a new way of building a buzz around products was required and saw the marketing expert challenge YouTube users to step outside their comfort zone to experience the thrills of the outdoors while wearing The North Face products. The first trip taken by a handful of social media influencers was to the Arctic Circle with the influencers shocked at the trip organized by The North Face that allowed them the chance to explore a remote area of the world not generally experienced by the majority. Learn More.