American Addiction Centers: Speak Without Worry


Communication is something that seems to be very challenging and problematic for a number of people in society. They always worry about what someone else is going to say or think. It is why they don’t often speak about the things that are really inside of them. Instead, they just keep it to themselves.

They need to remember that people out there care about them. The AAC (American Addiction Centers) cares about them a whole lot. They want to help, listen, and be there for them in any way they possibly can. They see addiction all of the time at their treatment centers. Since they see so much of it, they know what to look for and they know how to make sure people are getting the help that is needed. Read more: American Addiction Centers Reviews | Rehabs and American Addiction Centers Reviews | Glassdoor

For young teens that are entering college, they are finding it very hard to express the amount of pressure they are under at the moment. They don’t know who to talk to or who is going to listen to them. It’s why the AAC is encouraging parents out there to listen to their kids and hear what they have to say.

If they listen to them and find out all of their fears, worries, and troubles, they can figure out how to help them. The last thing they want is for their kid to be another statistic when it comes to substance abuse.

That is how many young kids out there deal with the troubles of college and the stress they are under. They start taking substances to get through the day. Instead, they can talk to their parents or talk to someone on the college campus that is qualified to help them deal with the pressure they are feeling.

When it leads to an addiction, this is something they can carry with them for a long, long time. It’s easy to get an addiction to a substance. It’s a lot harder to get rid of the addiction.

If anyone knows this, it is the AAC. It is why they take the time to send out these notices and these press releases. They know the importance of raising awareness to those that might be in jeopardy of developing an addiction. They know college is the place where it starts for a lot of people.

If they are proactive about it and inform the parents and the students about it, they feel as though they have done their job in that regard.

Sometimes people don’t really know what to expect until they are in that atmosphere. However, if they have the research that the AAC has conducted in the back of their minds, they can be in a better place when that situation does present itself to them.

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Impossible Foods to fulfill the demand from the partnership with OSI Group, the original producer of the McDonalds


Impossible Foods is a Redwood City-based startup company that produces plant based burgers. In 2018, the firm faced a significant shortage of burgers since the demand was so high in the previous year. They could not supply to every customer, and in some cases, they turned down big orders from fast food restaurants and hotels. The same problem also caught attempts to raise production as the application arose as the output increased. The company increased the number of employees by 200 people, raised the volume of production but still the demand was over the supply.

To curb this situation, the Impossible Foods is now partnering with OSI Group, the initial supplier of the McDonalds brand. OSI is the largest producer and supplier of value added food in the whole world. The OSI, Aurora-based facility will embark on the production of the new impossible burger. Dennis Woodside, an expert, hired to find the solution to the problem believes that the partnership will profoundly aid in curbing the shortage problem at hand. The company had not planned for the success that it is experiencing right now. It was initially supplying most famous burgers to 5,000 restaurants at the beginning of last year but is currently providing to over 10,000 hotels worldwide.

OSI Group has 65 factories in over 17 countries around the world. It mainly deals with the production and supply of the McDonalds burgers as well as other best quality foods such as beef and pork sausages. OSI was expected to produce the impossible burgers twice the previous amount by the end of last year and four times by the end of 2019. Both companies believe that this is a great move, especially at this time where many upcoming, similar top food brand producers are threatening the market. On the other hand, OSI Group stands to gain from Impossible Food through sustained food production, a core element in the production chain of the company. OSI has already set up equipment for the creation and is looking forward towards a weekly production for the next several years. The production is expected to be done separately from the OSI’s facilities to maintain its privacy rights.

David McDonald Spearheaded The Launch Of OSI Group In China In 1992


It has been more than 25 years since OSI Group opened a food processing facility in Beijing, China. OSI is a global American company with a total of 67 facilities across 17 countries. The organization has 20,000 employees and has plans for more expansion abroad. OSI China operates the Beijing operation, and it has shown substantial growth simultaneously as the economy of China has been expanding. Company President and Chief Operating Officer David McDonald is proud of the performance of their China-based team. OSI Group opened its doors in Beijing in 1992. Several years later, the company was called upon to supply the local McDonald’s with 113 tons of food. The country sponsored the 2008 Olympics and millions of visitors from around the world flocked to Beijing.

David McDonald and the employees of OSI China successfully supplied the fresh fixings, and every order was filled with no complaints or problems with the food. The company supplied McDonald’s with the hamburgers, pork, chicken, and vegetables. OSI was founded as a meat retailer in a small Chicago suburb. The company is deeply rooted in Illinois where it has been in operation since 1909. Now, as a leading food producer to the food service industry, the organization is a distributor to McDonald’s, Burger King, Papa John’s, Starbucks, and other companies around the world. They employ the use of the most cutting-edge equipment available to the food production sector.

David has led the global expansion of OSI for several decades. His career at the company started upon his graduation from Iowa State University in the 1980s. David majored in animal science. OSI was a family owned and operated business since current Chief Executive Officer Sheldon Lavin took over in the 1980’s. Members of the founding Kolschowsky family continue to serve in the company. Otto Kolschowsky, a recent German immigrant at the time, was a proud merchant in the community. He was committed to delivering the highest quality of meat to his customers. The same commitment to quality continues to drive this multi-national organization and its staff.

OSI Group’s Venture With Impossible Foods


OSI Group, a worldwide leader in food manufacturing, has added a new client to its extensive list of associates. Impossible Foods, a California-based food producer, will be utilizing OSI’s manufacturing capabilities to produce its fan-favorite Impossible Burger. This particular burger has already been introduced to select markets. In the city of St. Louis, the Impossible Burger is being sold at local Burger King retailers in and around the city. Nationwide release is the next goal, and this is where OSI Group enters the frame. This Aurora-basedcompany will mass produce these popular beef patties on a nationalscale.

The Impossible Burger is basically an alternative to standard beef. Yes, this is correct as the Impossible Burger is generally considered to be a meatless burger. This type of product can be seen as a healthier choice since it lacks many of the saturated fats of pure beef. “After performing extensive amounts of due diligence, we are proud to say that OSI Group is the best option for producing the Impossible Burger,” said Sheetal Shah, senior vice-president of foods/operations at Impossible Foods. Thanks to OSI’s product capability, the company already has equipment that’s in place to get the processing up and running.

OSI is doing what it has always done. This popular food manufacturer has been able to excel by participating in a number of joint ventures with other food retailers. The Aurora-based company has dealt with Alaska Milk Corporation, Moy Park and General Milling Corporation in the past. When it comes to high-profile restaurants, OSI has worked with KFC, McDonald’s, Starbucks, Subway, Yum and Pizza Hut. OSI Group is proving to the world why it has become a worldwide leader in food services, and it will continue to expand to new horizons in the near future.

OSI Food Solutions Continues To Expand Its Offerings In Europe By Making New Purchases And Acquisitions


OSI Food Solutions is a global food company that is ran in the United States and is headquartered in Aurora, Illinois. The company recently made a move in Europe, which will allow it to reach new customers. This move was the acquisition of Flagship Europe, which is a food company that provides customers in the United Kingdom with pies, sous vide products, frozen poultry, dressings, sauces, marinades, and more. The purchase was described as “exciting” and a “progressive development” by Flagship Europe’s chief executive, Russell Maddock. David McDonald, OSI’s president and chief operating officer, commented that the acquisition will give OSI a broader presence in Europe. OSI Food Solutions also made another move in Europe that will certainly help the company reach more customers with the food products they desire.

This took place in its Toledo, Spain facility where the company invested €17 million in various upgrades. One of the most important upgrades made to the facility was a new high-capacity production line, which will allow it to process double the amount of chicken and chicken products as it had before. This means the facility can now process 24,000 tons of poultry every year. The upgrades now make it possible for the plant to process over 45,000 tons of pork, beef, and poultry products, and the plant will be adding 20 new employment opportunities to locals. OSI Food Solutions also added plenty of other upgrades, which will help to make the facility more efficient.

Jose Maria del Rio, the company’s managing director in Spain, commented that the upgrades took place in order to meet a growing demand in the region for chicken products. He went further and commented about how it is expected that this demand will continue to grow over the years. OSI will now be more than ready to meet all of the needs of its customers in Spain and the surrounding regions. OSI Food Solutions was founded in 1909 by Otto Kolschowsky. He had immigrated to the United States from Germany and started out his company as a small meat market inn Chicago. OSI now has more than 65 facilities all over the world and is employing over 20,000 people.

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Peter Briger Junior: Fortress Investment Group’s King of Debt Recap


 Peter Briger and his new company (Fortress investment group) were a hit on the public market. He had 66 million shares that were worth just north of $2 billion. As investors know, the highs get balanced with the lows, and Fortress investment group was no different. Now Mr. Briger has roughly 44 million shares valued at about $350 million. He has seen Fortress investment group take a big hit value wise; however, Peter Briger is still a top player in the secretive world of asset investing…special asset investing. Learn more about Peter Briger at

Peter Briger first made a name for himself at Goldman Sachs. In fact, it was after 15 years at Goldman Sachs that he joined Fortress, which is now worth about $66 billion. Fortress wanted to diversify its private equity business. Now, Briger is a leader at fortress and a co-chairman on their board of directors. He has made a name for himself by trading assets that no one else will trade.

Since Mr. Briger left Goldman Sachs, his success has continued. He has continued to get results. Investors in Fortress wager their hard-earned cash that he will continue this success in the future. Now that the financial crisis is seven years past, distressed assets still interest him. The Dodd – Frank legislation requires banks to have huge capital reserves for assets deemed risky. Therefore, the banks want to sell their risky assets and boost ROE. Peter Briger has made a living on these kinds of situations for years.

As history indicates, this risky opportunity will dry up and another will take its place. It takes a certain kind of personality to thrive on situations like this. In other words, risk aversion of the person must be high. But when this new opportunity does present itself, it is certain that Peter Briger will be there, prepared to take advantage of it.

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Blake Mallen; the Innovative Founder of Billion-Dollar Brand, ViSalus


Blake Mallen grew up as an ordinary boy, chasing dreams the conventional way. However, the idea of success taught to him was not ‘fulfilling.’ It did not bring out his full potential. He decided to jump ship. He dived into ‘Gig-economy’ or what was known as ‘side-hustle’ and capitalized on it.

Entrepreneurship was not popular when Blake Mallen and Nick Sarnicola joined efforts to build ViSalus. The duo took the market with a storm. Ryan Blair later purchased the business entity, hence holding the position of the President, Chairman, and CEO of ViSalus. Mallen and Sarnicola held the senior marketing positions. Learn more about Blake Mallen at Bloomberg.

Their idea was to market weight loss shakes and nutritional supplements to the American Market. Through this platform, the trio impacted the lives of millions of Americans when they initiated 90-day weight loss and fitness challenge. Its success drove them to expand the wings to Latin America and Europe.

For 11 years since the inception of ViSalus, Blake Mallen served as the ‘Chief Sales and Marketing Officer. During this time, he designed a Challenge marketing strategy publicized “body by Vi 90-Day Challenge” This Challenge Marketing was his original idea. It saw the company sales rise to over $2 billion in a short time. This great success made ViSalus to be the number #1 in Weight-loss & fitness challenge in America.

Owing to his development record, Blake Mallen became the president of ViSalus on January 2016. He is also a founder of a lifestyle platform, which gives people a platform to share their life experiences. Over the years, Mallen has dared young entrepreneurs to live a life that they are ‘meant to’ live rather than what they are ‘supposed to’ live. The latter is limited to several factors.

The kind of freedom and fulfillment Blake Mallen got from the path he chose allowed him to marry his high school sweetheart, have two beautiful children, and live his passion: A life that is an envy to many people.


Betterworks Offers New Software Package For Small And Midsized Companies


Betterworks is a Silicon Valley technology firm that offers Continuous Performance Management® solution to other companies. Established in 2013, it is fast becoming the number one option for businesses that need an enterprise-level HR solution that can scale up as they grow. The goal is to help companies be more productive and have almost unlimited control over how their business is operated.

It recently released “Team Edition” as a Continuous Performance Management® solution. This is designed for small and midsize companies. It’s an affordable product that features select performance management tools. Any business that is looking for performance, alignment, and compatibility would benefit from this product.

Agile businesses depend on their employees being able to see and react to changes as they occur in the business environment. Perceptive managers want to encourage and motivate their employees to do their best. The Betterworks solution is performance management technology that helps managers and employees support their companies.

A company can have up to 100 employees on a team in the “Team Edition”. The employees set aspirational goals by listing their Objective and Key Results. They are then able to track the progress they have made to attain them. This software helps managers and employees engage in continuous conversations about skill development and how to improve performance.

Betterworks Chief Product Officer Anup Yanamandra stated that “Team Edition” is ideal for smaller teams and businesses. Small and mid-sized companies now have a solution that works.

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Isabel dos Santos Will Remain Firmly Committed To One Of Her Favorite Global Markets


Isabel dos Santos is known for her business successes in her home country of Angola but the legendary businesswoman that has become Africa’s richest female entrepreneur has also made a great deal of her fortune based on her valuable investments in the country of Portugal. The Portuguese market has been a very lucrative one for Isabel dos Santos over the years and she recently made it public that her future intentions are to continue her commitments within the country for the long haul. This news was broke to the public by the representative for the business dealings of Isabel in Portugal.

This individual is Mário Leite da Silva. A major point that da Silva made is the fact that there is a lot of stability in the long-term with the investments that Isabel dos Santos is currently engaged in within the Portuguese marketplace. The legendary business woman is proud to continue with the strong relationship she has enjoyed in Portugal over many years. Jose Eduardo dos Santos, the man who served as Angolan President for many decades, is the proud father of Isabel dos Santos. He has always been one of her biggest supporters throughout her life and it can be said that she owes her success in no small part to the constant encouragement that her father always provided during her years growing up.

It is no small task for a woman to become successful in the African business sector and there have been cultural hurdles that Isabel has had to cross but her own will to succeed, combined with ardent support from her father, helped her to overcome the odds and become a major success. One of the greatest desires that Isabel dos Santos has is to see opportunities for employment and entrepreneurship created for women in Africa. Within these issues, she has a strong realization of the need for the economic situation of Africa to improve as a whole. She is a strong advocate for the economic advancement needed to see many social issues in Africa change. One of her biggest points is the need for technology to transform the economic situation in the continent. Click here.

A Look At How Raffaele Riva Established Himself In The Financial Industry


Raffaele Riva is an entrepreneur who founded AUREA Multi Family Office. This company, which he established in 2008, invests in other businesses. Among the companies he has created are Milano Fiduciaria, Aurea Gestioni Patrimonialia SA, and BGB AUREA Ltd. These companies operate in the areas of wealth management, real estate trusts, estate planning, and international issues.

From 1997 to 2008, Raffaele Riva worked as a managing partner for several financial advisory firms. During this time his specialties included mergers & acquisitions, corporate restructuring, estate planning, wealth management, and corporate financing. He has also been a senior executive at a major multinational conglomerate where he served on the board of companies across Europe, Latin America, and elsewhere.

After completing his secondary education he enrolled at Universita Cattolica del Sacro Cuore. He graduated in 1987 with a degree in economics. His education including learning about mergers & acquisitions, corporate financing, accounting, and tax law. He continued studying at this school after graduating and became a qualified accountant. He also attended Canton Ticino Management Business School and the University of Applied Sciences and arts of Southern Switzerland where he earned advanced degrees.

He is a citizen of both Italy and Switzerland. Because of his diverse background, Raffaele Riva is fluent in Italian, English, and French. His personal interests include wine, art, classic cars, racing, skiing, show-jumping, and diving. Along with his wife, he is a member of the London Reform Club and the Monaco Yacht Club.

Raffaele Riva says that if he could give any advice to his younger self it would be to put his own priorities first. He says it is good to be helpful and support others. However, if you put everyone else’s priorities before your own you will never get ahead in your career or personal life. He had to learn that he needed to take care of himself first.

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