Article Title: Wes Edens Successfully Purchases An English Soccer Team


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Wes Edens has gained some popularity when it comes to the world of sports. He is also a top business person. Nevertheless, he never shows his prowess on the field. Currently, he is the co-owner of Milwaukee Bucks. At the moment of the team’s acquisition, they were not very competitive. However, under the management of Wes Edens, they have grown into a competitive team. They have also been able to qualify for different leagues. Their win-loss record has also improved significantly. Additionally, they have launched new stadium. Their brand reach has also improved significantly courtesy of star players such as Antetokounmpo.

Since Wes Edens has been able to succeed when it comes to basketball, he has now seen it fit to focus on international sports. To achieve his goals, he has been purchasing some of the upcoming soccer teams that are based in England. His main focus is also on the English premier league. The teams in the league can generate suitable amounts of revenue through endorsements, matches, player deals, merchandise, and partnerships. Owning a team is one of the ways to earn huge amounts of revenue. Such opportunities attract investors, such as Wes Edens.

He purchased Aston Villa. The upcoming team is striving to secure a spot in the English Premier League. Over the years, the team has also been able to gain some prominence, and the league allows only 20 times at a go. Apart from that, the league is dynamic, and teams that are performing poorly are always kicked out of the league. As a result, the competition is quite intense.

The approach used in the English premier league is meant to make sure that the talented teams are rewarded accordingly. They are motivated to always give their best performance while on the field. If such rules also applied to basketball, the sport would be more competitive and intense. The premier league is focused on breeding such a culture. As a result, it is easier to attract talented individuals from different parts of the globe. Additionally, the football fans also enjoy the drill, and they are always eager to see their top favorite players on the field. As a result, Wes Edens is striving to make sure that Aston Villa is working on improving its position in the sports world.

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Education and Career of Bennett Graebner


Bennett Graebner was born in Buffalo, New York on July 30, 1971. He graduated from Vassar College and got his undergraduate degree in English with a Phi Beta Kappa honor. He then went to the University of Southern California and got his MFA in Film Production. He married Vanessa Aberman in 2003. He and his wife live in Los Angeles, California and have two children (Vassar).

After graduating he took various jobs in the entertainment industry as a production assistant. Having an eye for framing and lighting allowed him to take jobs as a cinematographer on various movies and television. Working various jobs along the production chain on various projects allows Bennett Graebner to stand out. He understands the importance of all the members of a team in any one project and can distribute a doable workload to them. Most high-level producers have done various production jobs but the fact he has various on-set jobs is what makes him unique. His experience in the electrical and camera departments lets him know what these departments need during shooting and can deliver the best style.

The debate on whether film school is necessary is still going on in the entertainment industry. There have been many examples of filmmakers succeeding without it ut there is the argument that the experience will help your chances of honing your style and succeeding. Graebner’s successful career shows the results of going to film school. He is a television producer best known for “The Bachelor” which started in 2002. Other shows he is known for are, The Bachelorette which started in 2003, Bachelor Pad which started in 2010, and Love at First Kiss which started in 2016.

In film school, students are able to safely explore the overwhelming entertainment industry under the guidance of experienced professors. Even though Bennet Graebner works in reality television, those shows are closer to the other forms of entertainment than most realize. The shows may deviate from the normal fictional character and plots but the format still has to know how to keep audiences engaged. His understanding of story structure is what makes his shows so popular.

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Greg Blatt shares insights on his success


Greg Blatt has had quite an amazing career having served as the Chief Executive Officer of several prosperous companies during this time. He is well-known for his time as the CEO and Chairman of Match Group, a position he held from January 1, 2016, to December 31, 2017. This celebrated business executive also served as the CEO of Tinder during this time. Before his appointment to these prestigious positions, he had served as the Executive Chairman for both Match Group and Tinder from December 2013. Recently, Blatt was interviewed by IdeaMensch where he shared insights on his success.


Having the right talent


This celebrated business executive pointed out during this interview that from his observation, having the right talent is very crucial for success. This is because, as an executive, he is not always directly involved in bringing ideas to life. Since he does not have direct involvement in every aspect of a company, Blatt said that he goes out of his way to make sure that the company has the right talent (Bloomberg).


He added that success was a collaborative effort and having the right talent means that the company can get to benefit from the best of every employee. Greg Blatt mentioned that having the right talent also means that it will be easy for a company to come up with brilliant ideas. Technology has made the business world very competitive, and without brilliant ideas, a business can hardly survive.


Embracing technology


This former Tinder CEO pointed out that embracing technology also played an essential role in his success. He stated that as an executive, business meeting makes up for most of his responsibilities. Simple technologies like video conferencing significantly revolutionized the way he did his business meetings. The time that he would otherwise be spending on the road going for business meetings, he dedicated it to other productive tasks. Greg Blatt said that video conferencing enabled him to do meetings halfway across the world superbly and also increase his productivity. He urged other professionals and entrepreneurs looking for success to embrace new technologies as the could give them the boost they need to succeed.


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A look at Isabel Dos Santos


Becoming one of the world’s billionaires is a feat only a few have managed to achieve. As much as this may not be the benchmark for success, it is certainly a status statement worth working for. Even with this small list, there is still a limited observance of diversity. For instance, the entire list that currently stands at about a little over 200 individuals only has 11 black people. This says a lot regarding how the world and the state of the economy in terms of how best blacks get access to opportunities (Ukuncut).

Having said this, it is worth noting that one personality that stands out on the list is, no doubt, Dos Santos. Not only is she black but also a woman. It is interesting to note how she managed to beat the odds in a society that believes a woman’s place should be in the kitchen. Isabel is currently Africa’s wealthiest woman thanks to his business forays all over the world.

Isabel Dos Santos is a daughter to the former Angolan President. You could say he got a boost courtesy of his father’s political status, but she has also worked extra hard to brush off the link by charting her own path in the business world. She is only 45, making Isabel dos Santos the youngest of the current black billionaires in the world. This is an accomplishment worth noting considering how challenging it can be trying to make it to this list. Many would take decades of hard work before they can get close to this list. The African continent has been synonymous with business challenges, thus making it almost impossible to compete with the rest of the world. The fact that it contains some of the poorest countries in the world serves to make matters even worse.


Isabel has worked through despite all these challenges thanks to her suave business skills. She notes that Isabel was lucky to have abroad education that helped open her mind to even more business skills and opportunities. She hopes to become a beacon of hope to other black women in Africa.

Kisling, Nestico & Redick- Best Personal Injury Law Firm


Kisling, Nestico & Redick is a personal injury law firm based in Ohio, United States. The firm hosts a team dedicated to working tirelessly to support and clients from Ohio through honest and outstanding representation, especially to those who are affected by personal injuries and accidents. The firm has obtained million dollar verdicts and settlements for their injured clients.

Kisling, Nestico & Redick  were founded in 2005 by a group of three attorneys who had a dream and vision of establishing the best law firm specializing in personal injury. After ten years, the law firm has grown to become the largest and best personal injury firm in Ohio. Today, the firm holds over 30 lawyers, over 100 support staff and have opened eleven new satellite stations.

Kisling, Nestico & Redick  are fully dedicated to combating accidents, and through this, they introduced a Don’t Drive and Text Scholarship, a campaign aimed to raise awareness for younger residents on distracted driving. Kisling, Nestico & Redick  announced Elianna Norin, an 18-year-old from Hudson as the scholarship winner of $5,000 for developing the best idea to keep young drivers from texting and driving. The proposal stood out from over 400 applications, and the firm awarded her the scholarship due to the creativity in her announcement.

Kisling, Nestico & Redick  have continued to protect the rights of road accident victims and through professional and outstanding legal representation. They provide every case undivided attention with their unique legal service experience.

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Jos Auriemo Neto: The Current Leader To JHSF


JHSF is a company that stands tall within the real estate industry in Brazil and is known for streamlining the development of several projects within the country. The company is particularly known for taking on high-end projects in the country and is known for being the name behind some of the most significant luxury properties in the entire country. This involvement has not only made the company a well-known name but has also helped them take on more projects for the development of this sector as a whole.

The company is known for partaking in a good mix of residential and commercial projects. This has been one of the key elements of the widescale success that the company has been seeing. In addition, the company has been known to take on several recreational projects and has helped build some of the most notable malls and places of entertainment in the entire country. The company has without a doubt contributed to every facet of this industry in Brazil.

JHSF was founded in 1972 and gained prominence for being a company that could quickly identify places that had potential, and which could be developed for the betterment of society. The company has always tried to better themselves in every facet of their work, be it in improving the kind of technology offered, or the developmental plans that they put into place. The company also tries to implement sustainable solutions that can benefit all those who work for the company and who are going to be using the properties that they have built.

Currently, the company is being led by José Auriemo Neto, who stands as the CEO of the company. He is someone who knows and understands the business inside and out and is someone who has worked hard to implement positive developments for the company. He has also been responsible for the company’s recent expansion outside their home territory and is helping take JHSF into the future of the real estate industry. Being the grandson of the founder of the company, José Auriemo has learned an incredible amount from the leaders before him, which is why he stands as such a strong individual for the company today.

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Peter Briger Spearheaded the Credit and Real Estate Business of Fortress Investment Group


Peter Briger is a veteran business leader and financial professional. At present, he serves as the co-chairman and principal at Fortress Investment Group. He brought to the investment firm his vast experience in the financial industry. Peter was one of the members of the board of Fortress investment and was elected as one of the chairman of the board in 2009. He was also one of the firm’s management committee since 2002. Peter Briger is the man behind the successful development of one of the business segments of Fortress, the credit and real estate. This particular part of the asset management and investment firm is dedicated to focusing on the illiquid, undervalued, and distressed investments in different industries, asset classes, and geographies.

Additionally, the credit and real estate sector is also one of the most adaptable and leading investors in the world. Prior to Fortress, Peter Briger worked at Goldman, Sachs & Co., and served as one of its partners. He was elected partner in 1996 and stayed with the firm for 15 long years. Peter was also one of the board of directors at Tipping Point before he worked at Goldman Sachs. Tipping Point is a non-profit institution committed to providing its services to families in San Francisco who have low income. Peter Briger also served at the board of Caliber Schools. It is a chain of charter schools that specializes in equipping students for a more challenging college education ahead. Peter graduated from Princeton University with a bachelor’s degree in business administration. He also holds a master’s degree from the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania.

About Fortress Investment Group

Fortress Investment Group is one of the largest investment management companies offering its services to the world today. The firm provides services to overseas assets, private investors, and institutional investors in excess of up to $40 billion. The company was founded by Robb Kauffman, Randal Nardone, and Wes Edens. It began as a hedge fund firm and became the leading global investment and asset management company. Fortress Investment Group was the first private investment company to be offered publicly with a New York Stock Exchange’s initial public offering. The company was acquired by the Japanese banking titan Softbank in 2017.

Luke Lazarus


Luke Lazarus is a startup consultant based out of Australia who has had success with various companies either by scouting out leads, making a plan for them to follow and overall just helping a brand make sound decisions.

One of his responsibilities that he sees is in finding solutions to issues as he is a graduate of the Melbourne Business School, having received his MBA at a young age of 24. Luke Lazarus has experience working for companies but also has sold some off before even turning 33 years of age.

The consultant breaks down some of his duties in separate categories with being able to make plans for businesses to follow, presenting ideas to clients or businesses, offering insights into the market, and taking risks in predicting outcomes and making decisions.

Luke Lazarus starts the Q & A off by stating his daily routine that starts off with waking up early to meditate, checking emails, walking his dog, making to-do lists, and exercising in a gym every day.

He notes that writing down information on his phone to be very helpful to memorize and refresh his memory of what he has to do. He shares that the first step in developing an idea is to have a good story around it, especially when looking to invent a product or service although he accepts that inventing something off a need in the market attributes to it being successful. Read more: Luke Lazarus| Medium and Luke Lazarus –

The businessman shares an interesting perspective that he is fascinated by how the future of products and services will be about in how they make people feel and what experience they give to consumers. People nowadays want to have a connection to a product or company and companies are looking for ones that will fit a group or specific audience. One trait that Luke Lazarus shares that makes him productive is recording his day by day to have reminders about what he needs to do.

If he could travel back to his 20s, he would have told himself to be more relaxed and not worry so much as he did. Some traits that Luke Lazarus believes that other upcoming entrepreneurs need to have is a good mindset that they can do anything they put their mind to and have supreme confidence in what they are doing. He reflects that he has had a lot of success as a consultant and business owner by having a good team around him along with developing a good story for different products and for businesses.

He has learned and failed in the business world before as he shares in the Q & A that he trusted working with some friends or loved ones but it ended up backfiring when it was all said and done. Lastly, the businessman recommends people to use a platform called G-suite to stay organized and notes Uber as a useful transportation service.

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Q&A With Luke Lazarus, Startup Consultant

Full Speed Ahead: Nicolas Krafft


Nicolas Krafft is a man who only wants to go one way and that is full speed ahead. He has been on the international scene for many years and is currently the International General Manager of L’Oreal products. He has been working his way up the ladder at the company and the hard has paid off for him. He also works at a company called Pulp Riot. It is also under the L’Oreal name. In the past few months, L’Oreal and Nicolas Krafft have worked very hard to celebrate the power of women in the workforce.

L’Oreal along with Nicolas Krafft celebrated women by offering a fashion show for them that was open to the public. The event also featured major stars from film and television. The event featured a floating runway on the river Seine. This was a rare one of a kind event for the company.

Many celebrities took to the runway to celebrate L’Oreal and its brand. Stars like Eva Longoria and Elle Fanning took part. The event showcased creativity and beauty. The event was held in the capital of France which is Paris. This is where the main headquarters of the company is located. The event lasted eight days and was a huge party for L’Oreal as well as Nicolas Krafft.

The main goal of the event for L’Oreal and Nicolas Krafft was to celebrate the creativity of women in the fashion and makeup industries. The event was to honor how inclusive L’Oreal has become in the past few years. This is due to the efforts of Nicolas Krafft and his team that wanted to take the opportunity to honor the contribution of women and be sure that they felt included in the lavish event. This was also one of the first big events filmed by drones so people around the world could follow the festivities.

Nicolas Krafft has helped make L’Oreal relevant and stay one step ahead of the competition. As long as the company is still moving forward nothing can slow this company down. This is the way that Nicolas Krafft likes it to be.

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JD Introduces Top Wine Product by Grand Tokaj


The leading Chinese retailer JD has introduced a Hungarian wine to its line of liquor products. Jingdong has began distributing wine from a company called Grand Tokaj. This wine product is from one of the largest producers of wine in Hungary. As soon as the product was introduced, the popularity of the product has emerged. Today, Grand Tokaj wine is one of the leading liquor products in China. Jingdong has agreed to help market the wine products and also provide feedback on how to make the wine more appealing to consumers in China as well. JD will provide data analysis to find out more about consumer trends and preferences. Jingdong will also help with the logistics of the wine distribution by shipping the wine to consumers.

Jingdong will begin distributing one of the oldest wine products in the world. Grand Tokaj is the oldest winery in Hungary which has been producing the wine since the 17th century. The wine product is known for its sweetness as it comes from the Tokaj Heglayia region. It is made from some of the sweetest grapes in the world which give it a unique and distinguished taste. Since the wine was first made, it has received support from the government. As a result, Grand Tokaj wine will remain as one of the most in demand wine products on the market.

The Grand Tokaj wine has become one of the most popular wine products in China. Many Chinese consumers have enjoyed the wine and purchased it in large numbers. Within hours of introducing the wine, over 1,000 bottles were sold. As well as selling a large quantity of wine products, Grand Tokaj has received over 400,000 followers as well. JD has also done some research on consumer trends in the wine market. According to its findings, three quarters of Chinese consumers prefer to purchase wine made from foreign countries. Today, Grand Tokaj makes the second most popular wine in China. It is second to only Moutai which is the top wine product in the Chinese market. Jingdong will continue to provide the popular wine product in order to continue satisfying its customers.