OSI Food Solutions & Its Path To Greatness


Greatness can come in various forms, but it doesn’t happen overnight. Luck can happen by chance while greatness is a work in progress. Hard work, dedication, determination and perseverance can make you successful, and there is one company that personifies this statement.

OSI Food Solutions is the food provider of choice for hundreds of businesses around the world. This company has one of the longest supply chains that spread across multiple continents. The president of OSI is David McDonald, and the CEO is Sheldon Lavin. These two individuals provide at least 60 years of experience when being combined, and they have taken OSI to the pinnacle of the industry.

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Before Lavin and McDonald took over the company back in the late ’70s, the Kolshowski family performed many of the daily operations. Otto Kolschowski, a German-immigrant, came to this country during the early 1900s. He was just one of the hundreds of thousands who flocked here by the end of World War I. Chicago, Illinois, was ground zero for this wave of immigration, and it boosted Chicago’s population by leaps and bounds. During this point in time, a quarter of the city’s population were of German decent. Kolschowski, and his family started the company in Oak Park, Illinois, before moving to Maywood, Illinois. This small meat market supplied its local community as well as supplied businesses throughout the Midwest.

When cryogenics came into fruition, OSI Food Solutions was able to distribute its meat products over long distances thanks to flash-freeze technology. The company became one of McDonald’s providers of meat. Thanks to such huge demand of beef, OSI Food Solutions had to stay on top of its game by building a state-of-the-art facility. This facility only functioned in the production of beef, and it came into fruition in 1973. Cost-driven products and cost reduction was the name of the game, and this is how OSI Food Solutions has marched all the way to the top.

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Entrepreneur Guilherme Paulus Gives His Suggestions On What To Do When In Rio De Janeiro


Guilherme Paulus has been in the tourism industry for about 45 years and in the hospitality industry for the past two decades. The first company he opened for business was CVC Tours. This started out very small but over time he grew it into a huge tourism operator and the largest company of its kind in Latin America. He then repeated this success as a hotelier. He launched GJP Hotel and Resorts and it is Brazil’s leading hotel and resorts provider. His hotel chain has over 3,000 rooms and it has locations in some of the greatest places in Brazil.

He operates three brands of hotels and resorts depending on if a traveler wants pure luxury, luxury mixed with value, or is more focused on value. These three brands are respectively Wish, Prodigy, and Linx. Guilherme Paulus says he enjoys helping every sort of person have a great time while visiting Brazil and seeing what it has to offer. He is Brazil’s travel insider and knows all of the best things to see and do. O hotel butique de Guilherme Paulus.

Of course, everyone knows about visiting Rio de Janeiro, RJ. Guilherme Paulus says it’s a very popular choice for both leisure and business travelers all over the world. It has an amazing mix of sun, sand, and music with plenty of amazing sightseeing attractions to visit. It’s right on the ocean so visitors can plan to do things both on land and on water. There are also a number of mountain peaks nearby to hike that feature amazing view both towards the ocean and towards the interior of Brazil.

Guilherme Paulus says that the big thing travelers do is really amazing. This is to get on a cable car and be transported to the peak of Sugar Mountain. From there you will see the internationally renowned Christ the Redeemer as well as really good views of Corcovado Mountain. He also suggests going to the Botanical Garden where they have over 5,000 types of fauna and flora including 900 species of palm trees. He has two hotels in Rio de Janeiro which are the Prodigy Santos Dumont and the Linx Galeao.

NGP VAN – Improving Campaign Capabilities



In 2015, NGP VAN announced they would release VAN5, scheduled for 2016. This release was the largest update to the VAN software to date. While most people were expecting small changes in the software, they found that NGP VAN essentially rebuilt the system from the ground up to improve online and offline integration and give a better UI than ever before.


MiniVAN Manager

In 2016, they released their MiniVAN Manager, which was a welcome addition to the NGP VAN Software collection. It enabled teams to engage with others while they were out working with the public. The data that was input by those going door-to-door campaigning could easily be fed back to staff members at headquarters, which helps track real-time data and improves accountability for those out in the field.


Building Your Campaign Volunteer Base

NGP VAN is well-known for providing software to aid in running a successful campaign or progressive group. However, they also give advice on how to run successful campaigns for those new to the concept. In a recent article they published in medium, Organizing 101: How to Recruit Your Volunteer Base, they offer valuable advice.


The most important strategies they offered can work to recruit for any type of campaign.


Show How Enthusiastic You Are About the Campaign

It is difficult to show enthusiasm all the time but people crave being part of an upbeat cause. They want to work with people who have an upbeat mentality, especially when it is a cause they believe in.


Networking Is Key

Networking is one of the most important things you can do for any campaign. It can help you build a volunteer base and help with your campaign results at the same time. Take advantage of your personal network of friends and family. Reach out to members of your community and other local groups for volunteers.


Schedule Meetings With Each Prospective Volunteer

Take time to schedule a one-on-one meeting with each person who wishes to volunteer. This will let you investigate their values and decide whether their personal views align with your campaign.


The simple steps they have laid out can help you develop a volunteer base that will represent your cause the same as you would. It gives you a chance to avoid volunteers that will cause damage to your campaign as well. Take time to check how every volunteer benefits you and your cause. Their dedication affects your results.







Equities First Holdings Has A Smart Staff And Works With Integrity


Equities First Holdings has a smart staff and stays on top of all that is going on in the markets. The lending company uses stock-based loans to reach more clients than the typical company. It has offices in several countries. It has a simple process for those who are applying for a loan and works with businesses as well as individuals. Equities First Holdings has the goal of making 2,000 transactions and giving out over $2 billion. And it is well on its way to meeting that goal with over $1.4 billion already given out. Its clients trust it because it works with integrity.

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Dick DeVos Takes a Seat at the FAA


Have you seen the latest from the Devos family? Most are looking at their political leanings now that it has been two years and both are working in Washington. While originally Betsy Devos joined Washington as the US Secretary of Education in 2016, her husband did not appear until 2017 when he joined the FAA’s Management Advisory Council. The council consists of 13 members, who are all from different transportation authorities and airline backgrounds. How does Devos fit in?


For one, he’s an avid pilot who has been working within the aviation industry very quietly while running Amway and the Windquest Group. His partnership with the Gerald R. Ford International Airport is legendary as it proves you can transform a business overnight just with good sales.


So what happened to earn Devos this spot on the council? Devos worked very hard to help the airport throughout the early 2000s. He had been helping leaders throughout the Grand Rapids area, but it was the airport that took his true focus in 1999. He saw opportunities for jobs, education, and immense growth. Part of what he had to do to kick off the growth was talk to his friends at Air Tran Airways.


Devos’ idea was to get wealth by expanding to new terminals and flights. These would appeal to business travels who were not able to get non-stop flights to places like Denver, St. Louis, Orlando, and Vegas. With the expansion, Devos was able to talk to the CEO about adding these places and satisfying the needs of business travelers. This led to an increase in ticket sales for the airport overall, and eventually, it would lead to a truly renovating experience in 2018. The renovations would cost about $45 million but would supply new areas for business travelers and those who loved the food court.


The FAA formed the council in order to bring together business leaders and transportation authorities who could provide advise on what to change in order to become the world’s leader in aviation once more. President Trump challenged the FAA when he took office, noting that American airports were behind other airports in the world in terms of technology and security.


Ever since then, the FAA has been changing and creating new policies. The council meets with the FAA once every quarter and discusses the major topics, including policies, regulations, budgets, and futue growth. Now that Devos has joined the council, they also get advice on how to work with pilots and provide more education opportunities for training.


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InnovaCare Health Success under the Progressive Leadership of Rick Shinto


The Healthcare industry is one of the most important departments across the globe. InnovaCare Health is one of the best performing healthcare management companies, and it has transformed the lives of many clients since it was established several years ago. The company offers innovative services to consumers at affordable prices. The success of the company is attributed to its leadership.


The healthcare world is very complicated, and it specializes with several divisions. Without the right professionals, it is impossible for a company to earn the trust of the modern client. InnovaCare Health specializes in offering customers with physician practice service, and government approved plans. The company has integrated the latest technology in its operations, and it has resulted in high sales and profits. The institution is based in Puerto Rico, and it serves two hundred thousand individual. The healthcare company has a network of seven thousand, five hundred providers.


It is impossible for companies in the healthcare industry to thrive if the leadership doesn’t have the needed expertise. The chief executive and president of the business is Richard Shinto, popularly referred to as Rick. Richard is an expert in government plans, and he has a lot of expertise in leadership too. His resume indicates that he has been in the healthcare world for twenty years, and he has held several prestigious positions in the past. You can visit businesswire.com



Before joining InnovaCare Health to work as the president and top executive, Shinto was working at Aveta Inc as the president. Before this position at Aveta, Shinto had been employed as the chief medical officer at a health establishment based in California for several years. Shinto was also working for Medical Pathways as the chief medical officer for a while. These numerous positions gave him the knowledge to handle a large institution such as InnovaCare Health. His leadership has been fundamental in the success of the healthcare firm. For more details visit Ideamensch.


Penelope Kokkinides is also one of the leaders in the company. Her contributions in the healthcare industry have been felt for a long time. Penelope ventured into the industry twenty years ago, and she has been specializing in government plans such as Medicaid and Medicare. Penelope Kokkinides has a lot of knowledge in healthcare management, and clinical programs. She had been working in similar posts in the past, and she is considered to be one of the most influential figures in the healthcare world. The company has been experiencing growth due to her contributions.



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The Multi-Industrial Investor Globally: Paul Mampilly


Paul Mampilly is one of the most focused investors who have investment abilities which can be matched to none. The great Paul Mamphily has established in the investment and fiancé industry through providing the best investment advice through the renowned Profits Unlimited and Extreme Fortunes. Because of his knowledge in investment and business, he has been featured in various TV stations including Bloomberg TV and CNBC.

Paul Mampilly began his amazing career at the Banker Trust, located along the Wall Street where he worked as a portfolio assistant manager. Later, the great investor worked with the ING and Deutsche Banks a company he played a significant role on the big accounts. He later moved to Kinetic Asset Management where he used his experience and abilities in managing hedge funds. Before he joined Kinetic Asset management that company was $6 billion worth but he grew the assets to a worth of over $25 billion. This made him win the global best hedge fund award by the Barron’s.

His Thoughts on His Recent Post

Paul Mampilly has an unbeatable investment track record. In 2012 Paul invested in the famous Sarepta Therapeutics. Later, he sold his share marking a profit of 2,539%. Previously, Paul had invested in Netflix. This was the time when television shows were diverting into online streaming. However, he also sold his shares at a profit of 634%. Paul Mampilly also has great insights into the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency era. He recently shared his take on the Bitcoin bubble on @mampillyguru stating that the biotin bubble is almost bursting.

Paul advised investors to avoid putting all their money in Bitcoin business. This is because he believed that the industry is about to crush even though he does not know when that will happen. He also shared his thoughts regarding megatrends in 2018. He mentioned the Blockchain as one of the mega-investments the world is witnessing this year. The Blockchain is an online ledger that can be used by anyone without any charges. Most people are now taking the Blockchain to their advantage in an attempt to curb any online fraud. Such advice from this incredible investor has helped most business people on the field to invest and the field to stay away from.

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David McDonald Is More Than A Leader With OSI Group


David McDonald is currently the Chief Operating Officer and the President of OSI Group, LLC. He also serves as the Chairman of the North American Meat Institute, and is Director of OSI International Foods, Pty Limited. He grew up on a farm in the northern part of Iowa. David McDonald graduated from, and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Animal Science in 1987 from Iowa State University. While there, he received the Wallace E. Barron Outstanding Senior Award for David McDonald’s excellence in academics, his display of high character, and his participation in community and university activities. He is still actively involved with the university’s Agricultural Entrepreneurship Initiative.

David McDonald and OSI Group have more than twenty thousand employees at over sixty five facilities in seventeen countries. McDonald spearheaded OSI Group’s successful expansion in China. He was the key role player in the acquisition of a Dutch Food company that produced deli meats, Baho Foods, and the company Flagship Europe, which is now Creative Foods Europe. Spending his childhood years at the beginning of the food distribution chain only greatly influenced style of management during his later years as a successful business man. Both OSI Group, and David McDonald, have their past roots in the American Midwest.

OSI Group is not just known as the best enterprise is the region, but is also known for having the best logo in the world, under the current President, David McDonald. David was hired by OSI Group just after he graduated from Iowa State University. He came in during the first phase of international growth, and was able to be in on the venture with K&K Foods from Taiwan to establish the OSI-Asia Pacific franchise. He embraced and adapted to the corporate culture, and has never had a desire to leave it. David went into the company as a young adult, and has since grown along with it.

McDonald has developed profound knowledge of technical issues that may prove challenging when working with partners in different locations, and are being heightened to OSI’s corporate culture. David understands OSI’s vision for leadership, and the commitment it has for a stable work environment for long term employee retention. The growth of OSI Group is being driven by a tireless effort to improve on the delivery of more to the OSI Group’s customers.

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The Chainsmokers: Alex Pall and Drew Taggart, Together Making Music


Alex Pall and Drew Taggart formed the Chainsmokers in 2012 after being introduced by mutual friend Adam Alpert, who also manages the two as a band. They hit it off quickly and the Chainsmokers began practicing their style like a full-time job. They debuted live in 2014 and have released a steady stream of new music ever since.

Though they have had success with EPs and LPs, the Chainsmokers often release free singles for the public though their website. They put out tracks that run the gamut from standard dance/electronic music to hybrid tunes taking elements from many genres that Pall and Taggart enjoy. These singles get a lot of radio and club play, meaning that the Chainsmokers have a high demand for their live shows around the country. They perform regularly, often using elements of more traditional bands in their shows.

The shows they love playing the most aren’t the big or little ones, it’s the energetic ones. They like it when the crowd is there to have a good time, and whether the show has 200 or 20,000 in attendance, they have fun with it if the crowd does.

Their latest single, “Side Effects”, features a collaboration with Emily Warren, who has worked with Pall and Taggart in the past. “Side Effects” is a high-tempo, upbeat sounding tune about loneliness leading to bad choices in love. Many of the Chainsmokers’ recent songs have been of a more melancholy nature, but with “Side Effects” they are happy to have a “summer banger” to help them switch gears from the more subdued songs they wrote during winter. The duo prefer to write about things they are going through at the time, and for the past winter the duo have been having some dark times. But with “Side Effects” they’ve gotten back into the summer season and feelings.

For their live shows, the Chainsmokers bring their collaborators on stage as often as they can. Emily Warren played in Atlanta, GA with the duo, debuting “Side Effects” for a live audience. Taggart steps up to the mike for some singing.


Jeunesse Global helps people around the world to stay young and healthy


Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis have long been two of the most prominent names in the North American direct-selling business. The couple has been building successful companies since the 1960s. And over the course of their long career, Ray and Lewis have become two of the most formidable entrepreneurs in the country, turning nearly everything they have ever laid hands on to gold.

As a result of their towering success, Ray and Lewis had accumulated more than $1 million by the time they were in their early 30s. Even though they had no real need to continue working, they chose to keep going anyway. The couple’s intense passion for creating great companies, great products and changing people’s lives became the main force behind their continued success in the business world.

By the time Ray and Lewis approached retirement age, however, they thought they might try to give retirement a shot and finally enjoy some of the fruits of their labors. But the industrious couple quickly found out that they were not well built for the boredom and lack of purpose that came with being retired. After just two weeks of retirement, Ray and Lewis started selling a few products out of the garage of their Florida estate. Before long, they were back to spending up to 70 hours per week on their new venture. This new enterprise would go on to become Jeunesse Global.

With Jeunesse Global, Ray and Lewis would outdo themselves. Within its first year of operation, Jeunesse Global did more than $1 million in total sales. By the end of its fifth year, the company was doing tens of millions of dollars in sales every year and had thousands of distributors across the globe. And throughout the company’s brief but phenomenally successful history, one thing has distinguished Jeunesse from its competitors: innovative and highly effective products.

One example of such products is the company’s Instantly Ageless micro-crème and facial cleanser. Instantly Ageless contains the company’s secret APT-200 molecule, which is proven to wipe years off of a user’s apparent age. This is just one product of many through which Jeunesse Global is helping its customers to stay looking and feeling young.