Jack Plotkin on the Importance of Getting Telehealth Covered by All Health Care Insurance Providers


JACK PLOTKINTelehealth is gaining in popularity for numerous reasons. Telehealth uses technology to transform the health care industry, such as using apps to track your blood sugar from day to day or allowing you to use video phone calls to talk to your doctor and get a prescription when you are ill. Jack Plotkin, in individual who has made his living through investments and start-ups, is currently focused on the telehealth industry and working to make changes to the industry. One of the changes that he is working to make is getting telehealth covered by all health care insurance providers. Here are a couple of reasons why this is so important. 

One of the reasons why it is important for telehealth to be covered by all health care providers is because it helps to push providers and services to offer telehealth services. If a doctor works with three insurance companies, but only one offers telehealth services, they may not be inclined to offer any telehealth services, as only a small portion of their patients can use those services. But if all of their insurers covered telehealth services, all of their patients can use their services, so they can invest in these new telehealth services and receive a return on their investment. 

The second reason why it is important for telehealth to be covered by all health care insurance providers is to ensure that patients can share information and continue to use services if they change insurance providers. This helps a patient to transfer their telehealth information from one provider to another. 


Jack Plotkin is working with start-ups, such as VirtualHealth to change the telehealth industry. This helps to ensure that the industry is able to function to the fullest of its capabilities and that people all over can use this type of service. Telehealth can completely transform the health care industry and help to improve the overall health of people, but first, all health care providers need to get on board with offering telehealth services, something Jack Plotkin is committed to working towards. 

The Core Values That Set Gulf Coast Western Apart


GULF COAST WESTERNAlthough most companies say their customers are their top priority, some are better at actually putting that statement into practice than others. That said, Gulf Coast Western is more than just a highly successful Dallas oil company. Its CEO Matthew Fleeger credits its success to timeless customer-focused core values that resonate with consumers and partners alike.


Today’s consumers expect more from the companies they do business with than terrific products and services. They want to have a personal relationship with the company as well, and part of that means feeling like they’re perpetually in the know. Gulf Coast Western is famous for adopting transparent business practices that make unwavering customer trust possible. When your customers trust you, they choose you and stay loyal to you.


Even the best companies with the highest standards occasionally make mistakes or fail to meet customer expectations, and Gulf Coast Western is no exception. What makes the difference is how the company handles that situation. At Gulf Coast Western, making customers feel heard is a major priority, so mistakes are readily owned up to and swiftly addressed. “Making it right” is one of the company’s main objectives when it comes to how it deals with customers and partners, and it shows in their stellar reputation.


Gulf Coast Western was founded by Matthew Fleeger’s father back in 1970, and it remains a family-owned and family run business this day. Good, old-fashioned family values are the heartbeat of what the company is all about, so giving back to communities that need it is a major priority. Fleeger and Gulf Coast Western are openly committed to supporting endeavors that make communities stronger and keep them that way. Examples include Smile Train, North Texas Food Bank, Children’s Medical Center of Dallas, and many more.


The more a company focuses on the people it depends on for its livelihood, the more successful it will ultimately become. Gulf Coast Western remains an inspiring example of integrity in business to entrepreneurs everywhere.

James River Capital Helps Secure Seed Money for New Businesses of All Sizes


JAMES RIVER CAPITALStarting a successful company takes more than just a great idea. It takes financing. And, this is often the most challenging part of starting a new venture. Small companies can usually get started with a person’s savings augmented with loans from family and friends. However, if you are thinking big, you are going to need more funds than your immediate circle can provide. Large operations require large bank loans or funding from a large group of investors. That’s where James River Capital can help.

About James River Capital

James River Capital has been helping entrepreneurs connect with individuals and companies looking to invest in new ventures for more than a decade. Our team, under the leadership of Paul Saunders, helps find seed money for new businesses, from a range of sources including local chambers of commerce, crowdfunding and angel investors as well as more traditional venture capitalists. We sit down with you and get to know your hopes and dreams for your new company as well as your funding needs. Only then do we suggest a course of action.

Richmond, VA-based James Capital was founded in 1986 as KP Futures Management Corp, a division of Kidder Peabody and Company investment firm. Paul Saunders and Kevin Brandt, two senior advisors in the department, acquired the division in 1995 when Kidder was acquired by Paine Webber. Since then, the company has earned numerous awards, including HedgoPo’s Investors Choice Award in 2015, Corporate LiveWire’s Global Fund Award in 2015 and HFM’s US Hedge Fund Performance Award in 2014. 

HCR Wealth Advisors Can Help You Get the Most Out of Your Charitable Donations


HCR WEALTH ADVISORCharitable donations are a good thing to do all the way around as it helps those in need.  You get a reward of sorts when you donate as the donations themselves are tax-deductible every April when you do your taxes.  This article will look at two types of donations that you can do, cash donations and stock donations. 


Cash donations are the most popular donations that people do every year.  There are many places that accept cash donations with a special nod to organizations like Goodwill in this capacity.  Those organizations often can take physical donations (clothes, items, etc.) and you write down the cash value of those donations and use that receipt on your tax return when you tally them up.  


Donations of stock are not as commonly used and frankly, this method of donation should pick up more steam as there are inherent advantages to this donation method.  Stock donations are tax-deductible just like their cash counterparts but there are unique benefits to stock donation that you can’t get in cash donations.  

Selling Stock vs. Donating Stock

A good example of the advantages lies in how you remove a stock from your portfolio.  Most people end up selling the stock and keeping the proceeds. The problem with that scenario is that you end up being taxed on the income you made from the sale on top of the Federal and State capital gain taxes that may be levied on the proceeds of the sale.

If you have a stock that you’ve made money on and want to get rid of the stock, you can donate the stock instead of selling it, as the donation absolves you of any tax liability on that stock.  This kills two birds with one stone, you’ve made a tax-deductible charitable donation and you’ve also lowered your tax burden at the same time.

HCR Wealth Advisors

For great tips like this and others, look to HCR Wealth Advisors.  HCR has provided great wealth management services for over 30 years. 

This article is provided for informational purposes only and should not be interpreted as investment advice.

What Makes Sergey Petrossov, The CEO Of JetSmarter Tick


SERGEY PETROSSOVWhile you may have heard about JetSmarter, a multi-billion-dollar private jet charter company, you may not be aware that its CEO is Sergey Petrossov. You’ll agree that it takes ingenuity to be raking in millions of dollars in the private jet company without owning a single jet. That confirms how business-oriented Sergey Petrossov is.

JetSmarter became the link with numerous private jet charter companies to render their services. As explained by Sergey Petrossov, his company created a mobile app through which people can privately jet. The company links the people looking to charter a jet to the available charter companies that ply the desired route. In every transaction, JetSmarter takes its cut. 

What makes Sergey Petrossov one of the most popular CEOs is his age. The young business tycoon is still less than 30 in age. Precisely, he is 28. He conceived the idea and sourced funds from several investors that include Jay-Z. JetSmarter has become so big that it now has up to 260 employees and 8,000 customers. 

Right now, the services of the company are being enjoyed in the Middle East, Europe, and the United States. Like the dream of every CEO, Sergey Petrossov is working on expanding the coverage of his company to other destinations. The annual membership fee of $14,000 signifies how successful the company is.

Talking about the man at the helm of affairs, Mr. Petrossov moved to the United States with his parents before the age of 5. Over the years, he has lived in Florida, California, and Colorado. 

Sergey Petrossov

He studied finance at the University of Florida, and he worked with a company for a few years before he started his first company. He later conceived the idea of JetSmarter and started it a few years ago. Right now, it is one of the most successful companies in the United States. It is only certain that in a few years, the company will be competing with the corporate giants like Apple, Samsung, Microsoft, and others. 

Steve Ritchie Excited About New Role as CEO and Working with Team-Leaders


When Steve Ritchie came to Papa John’s in 1996, he launched on a career that would take him through several years of fantastic growth, new experiences, development, and new responsibilities and end with him leading thousands into a new level of growth for Papa John’s. First of all, in 1996 Papa John was increasing at nearly a new store a day for several years. The company had previously launched into the free world, and it was no longer the private company it once was when it began in 1983. The broom closet that had been gutted out and replaced by a pizza stove in the back of a gas station was no longer just a place to stop, get gas, and an option of a pizza, but it was growing into a global giant on NASDAQ. It would soon become the third-largest pizza brand in the world, and the fans of Papa John perceive ti to be the Number One Pizza company in the world.

Promotions From Within

Papa John has a practice of promoting from within, and 98% of its managers come from delivery-drivers, hourly wage earners, and team-leaders, an incentive for young and old employees. When Steve Ritchie first began, he was hired as a customer service representative, which was a pervasive role to play in a fast-food restaurant. Orders need to be taken, customers need to be met, and there needs to be a friendly face matching customers, while management deals with the myriad details that are required for a fast-food pizza restaurant. Steve Ritchie stayed in this capacity from 1996-2006.

From Franchise to Executive Suit and Tie

In a few years, Steve Ritchie went through several promotions that catapulted his career from the ground floor to the executive level positions. For example, in 2006, he moved from customer service representative to the operator of his restaurant as a franchise owner, which he kept until 2015 when he was promoted to become the Chief Operations Officer, then in 2016 to another promotion as President of Papa John. The COO and President are both executive roles and allow the person, in this case, Steve Ritchie, to work closely with the CEO on a day ot day basis. Those who have worked with Steve Ritchie said his habits were excellent and was always giving 100% of himself ot his duties, which would be a perfect candidate for all kinds of promotions for management looking for dependable employees who were willing to take on more responsibility.

From COO to President Culture

Finally, in 2018, January 1st, Steve Ritchie got the final word that he would be promoted to become the next CEO of Papa John. Steve Ritchie responded in his modest tone that he was “humbled” is being given the role, and he also looked forward to continuing to work closely with team-leaders, says a reporter who interviewed him on that day. Ritchie also said he was interested in giving customers the same excellent level of service which they had grown to enjoy from the Papa John Brand.

Positivity And Curiosity Led Raffaele Riva to Business Success


Entrepreneur Raffaele Riva collects art and vintage automobiles. A member of the Monaco Yacht Club Riva is also a benefactor of the Orchestra of Italian Switzerland. Here is how Raffaele Riva achieved the kind of business success that enables him to pursue so many expensive interests.

Business Holdings

Raffaele Riva is the founder of the conglomerate Aurea Multi-Family Office. All four of the companies under the Aurea umbrella provide financial services. An accountant by training Riva has multiple college degrees. Riva holds leadership positions with three Aurea subsidiaries.

Be Positive And Pay Attention

If you ask him for the secrets to his success Raffaele Riva will tell you to think positive and listen. Being intellectually curious Riva is an avid reader. His reading habits keep him abreast of news and developments that affect his business interests. Riva advises aspiring businesspeople to always pay attention to what others have to say. The next big idea or smart move may be found in a casual conversation.

Follow Your Bliss

“Do what you love and you will never work a day.” Raffaele Riva subscribes to the preceding adage. He counsels people to build a business around something they enjoy. He also urges would-be entrepreneurs to take action to bring their entrepreneurial vision to fruition.

Choose The Right People

Raffaele Riva does not take sole credit for his success. He admits to surrounding himself with individuals whose business acumen rivals his own. Intelligence and integrity are the qualities Riva looks for in his inner business circle.

Put The Client First

Business is about more than enriching yourself. Raffaele Riva believes that enriching the client is more important than making himself wealthier. As he explains it that which benefits the client also benefits the business.

Partners Of Privinvest Group Innovates For Global Progress In The Seas


Privinvest Group has always been driven towards making a difference. It’s the trademark that has started with the vision and aspiration of its founders Iskander Safa and his brother, Akron Safa. It’s quality and unequaled value mark the work that comes out of Privinvest.

Having started as a shipbuilding company in Beirut, Lebanon, Privinvest made its name as they excelled in the building of naval military vessels that have become part of a good number of nation’s navies.

One of such recently partnered centers of excellent shipbuilding is the Construction Mecaniques de Normandie, more commonly identified by its acronym CMN. This shipbuilding company has also made its name known in the construction of naval vessels and has gone to expand to building civil and research naval ships. CMN alone has built 700 highly engineered and highly valued sea vessels desired by countries, enterprises and individuals.

CMN based in Cherbourg in Northwestern France continues on Privinvest’s vision, expanding to other classifications of ships made from aluminum, steel and advanced composite materials.

Other affiliates that make up the Privinvest Group are the German Naval Yards Kiel, the Nobiskrug, and the Isherwoods from the United Kingdom.

All told, the combined years of experience of all of Privinvest Group of partner shipyards spans 68 years with 38 satisfied navies from around the world.

Today, Privinvest also engages in training support and construction logistics, the continued building of supply vessels and work boats for different specialties and the refitting, repair and overhaul of yachts and naval ships.

Other Privinvest interests include renewable energy technology and assembly, surveillance and area protection and, most particularly, technologies harnessing the forces of the ocean through Hydrokinetics, an Ocean Renewable Energy technology.

Through its ship building partners, the Privinvest Group continues to make waves in the construction of state-of-the-art ship building.


Omar Boraie and Boraie Development Partner with Shaq


The NBA legend, Shaquille O’Neal, recently opened an apartment complex in Newark, New Jersey. Few know that this city is the hometown of the famed giant. Otherwise was known as Shaq, the superstar center was a fearsome force on the hardwood for over a decade. In cooperation with Boraie Development, an $80 million luxury building was constructed in Newark. The building has 22 stories and is situated nearby to the Hahne & Co. Building as well as the New Jersey Performing Arts Center. Wasseem Boraie has stated that the luxury tower is already 60% rented out. Shaq is hoping that the building becomes a landmark in the downtown Newark area. Additionally, Wasseem Boraie and Shaq have also partnered up to construct a large building consisting of 250 units.

The proposed project is set to be 35 stories and will be located at 777 McCarter Highway. Apart from his notoriety on the basketball court as a dunking monster, Shaq is a well-established businessman with ventures ranging from restaurants to NBA franchises, such as the Sacramento Kings. Shaw hopes to build on the foundation set by Omar Boraie and Boraie Development in the long-term revitalization of Newark. Omar Boraie aims to replicate the success he has had in News Brunswick. The Boraie family believes that Newark has the diversity to be one of America’s most unique and exciting cities. The potential is there. Omar Boraie had the goal of being the largest real estate developer in Newark. It is safe to say that he has achieved it and is hungry to do more.

Jack Landsmanas Continues To Focus On The Well-Being Of The Employees Who Work For Corporate Kosmos


Jack Landsmanas Stern is businessman from Mexico who has been working hard to help people in his country for many years. His work with Corporate Kosmos has helped to grow his company into one of top food service providers in Mexico. Everyday, millions of people are fed because of his corporation. The food Kosmos transports goes to hotels, schools, and canteens in many different states in the country. Instead of being content with only serving himself, Jack Landsmanas Stern has continued to dedicate himself to improving the world through philanthropy and by becoming involved in the economics of Mexico. Many citizens in his home country have him to thank for being able to live a better life. He helped to create the Pablo Landsmanas Foundation in order to facilitate his philanthropic leanings.

The foundation helps out by funding a spread of initiatives that help economically challenged individuals from Mexico. Kosmos Corporate has been operating for more than five decades, and during that time, it has been a leader in its industry. Before the corporation was in existence, Jack Landsmanas Stern’s grandfather Pablo Landsmanas was working hard to grow the company that preceded it. Pablo had come to Mexico from Lithuania in 1959 and had decided to become a businessman in the country. He opened up a butcher shop named La Modelo in Mexico City and remained committed to his customers for many years. Over time, he began to gain a broader understanding of the food sector in Mexico,and this inspired him to work with others to put together Sigma Alimentos.

Jack Landsmanas Stern is the Co-founder and chief executive officer of Corporate Kosmos. His company was created to help offer people the finest quality of foods in Mexico. The company’s logistic abilities have allowed it to continue to expand into many different states in the country. Landsmanas and Corporate Kosmos is known for treating employees well and for also helping them to grow with the company by offering them various incentives. Jack Landsmanas Stern has helped to create thousands of jobs in Mexico. Many different social groups in Mexico also benefit from the food that is delivered by his growing corporation. Corporate Kosmos also works with philanthropic organizations by donating the resources they need to help people out all over the country. Many shelters have benefited from the compassionate giving of Landsmanas, and he has also focused on protecting animals and the welfare of all people in Mexico for many years.