Sheldon Lavin Built OSI Group from Nothing


It is a tough thing to start a company and turn it into a successful business. Most new companies go out of business within the first year. This is a sad fact that happens all over the world. It is rare for a company to succeed. It is even more rare for that company to become massively successful all over the world. Sheldon Lavin is one of the few people on the planet who is able to say that he accomplished this amazing feat. He bought a controlling interest in the OSI Group when it was made up of only a single factory in the Chicago area. The company now has factories all over the business world.

His unique vision for success when he officially became the CEO of the OSI Group. He knew the company would have to expand in order to make the most of their profit potential. He started out by building some factories in the western United States. He did this because these states did not have many options where freshly processed meat was concerned. He wanted his meat factories to be able to supply the huge demand for meat in these areas. Sheldon’s strategy paid off in ways that he could have never foreseen.

After the OSI Group had conquered the United States, Sheldon Lavin set his business sights on the rest of the world. He took a look at some other countries to find out if they had good meat processing companies. He found that China and some smaller countries in Asia that were still developing needed processed meat. Sheldon reached out to these countries. He was able to strike a deal with all of them that would allow him to open OSI Group factories in these foreign territories. This increased the revenue of the company by a very large amount. Sheldon Lavin is considered by many people to be a business genius. He would never say this himself because he is much too humble. However, the bottom line is that he took over OSI Group when it was tiny. It is now a company that is world famous.

Matt Fleeger and Oil Matters


Gulf Coast Western, LLC is a company that has a lot of recognition in the United States and elsewhere. It revolves around all kinds of gasoline and oil avenues. People sometimes call it Joint Ventures. The team members who work for Gulf Coast Western, LLC mainly strive to learn about gasoline and oil supplies that are in the United States’ Gulf Coast area. Matt Fleeger works as Gulf Coast Western’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and President. It’s a family-run company that’s headquartered in Dallas, Texas. It’s been around since the start of the seventies. Although it hails from the Big D, it has branches in Colorado, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Mississippi. Its Texas presence isn’t limited to Dallas, either.

People admire Matt Fleeger for an abundance of strong reasons. They’re well aware of his savvy that pertains to gasoline and oil. They’re well aware of his savvy that relates to taking care of waste that exists as well. People recognize that he’s a highly capable businessman who knows how to construct teams that actually work. They identify that he’s an executive who knows how to prepare well for all kinds of situations. Matt Fleeger was behind the creation of a company that was called MedSolutions, Inc. It was a business that concentrated on healthcare waste handling matters of all varieties. Stericycle, Inc. purchased MedSolutions, Inc.

Matt Fleeger isn’t at all unfamiliar with the concept of well-rounded and comprehensive educational paths. He studied at Southern Methodist University’s renowned Cox School of Business during his youth. He got a Business Administration degree from the school. Once his time at that school was up, he earnestly commenced working. He took full advantage of his marketing and finance talents. That’s due to the fact that he started working in the vast gasoline and oil sector.

Matt Badiali Projects Just What Legalization of Stateside Marijuana May Mean


As the cannabis market has increased in popularity and profitability many investors have given into the frenzy surrounding it. A frenzy increased thanks to Canada’s incoming full legalization of cannabis across the board. One investor, Matt Badiali, has been honking the horn of cannabis investment for quite some time. Badiali is a guru who often projects huge gains for early investments. Usually, such projections are based on an incoming event that is set to change everything. For cannabis in the U.S. that would be nationwide legalization. As Oklahoma has recently become the 30th state to partly legalize cannabis many project the time may be drawing near. So Badiali has decided to describe what such an occurrence would inevitably do.

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Matt Badiali has been writing for Banyan Hill Publishing for a few years. He has two newsletters: Real Wealth Strategist and Front Line Profits. Real Wealth Strategist contains his projections for companies in the natural resource market, while Front Line Profits deals in short-term loan options. What makes the newsletters special is how Matt Badiali gleans his information. Badiali is a trained geologist who began his career as an advisor to big resource companies. Now, he uses his expertise to personally vet resource companies to provide first-hand information. In the last few weeks Badilai has dedicated issues of Real Wealth Strategist to projecting what full legalization of medical marijuana would mean to stateside markets.

Badiali’s projections are based mostly on fact. The guru draws from studies that mark how cannabis sales have increased wherever more access is granted. In 2017, cannabis sales stateside reached $6 billion dollars with a ‘B’. If that number can be gained with minimal access and around 30 states what number can be garnered with full legalization across all 50? Badiali’s estimates are pretty large, and that is only for medical marijuana and does not even factor recreational use. As with all his projections Matt Badiali suggest buying in early. Economic, medical, and social factors all point to this being a great time to invest. An early investment before the boom means huge returns and Badiali is one of many saying that it is coming soon.

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Luke Lazarus – A Helping Hand for Business Owners and Entrepreneurs


Starting a business is easy, but ensuring that it continues to grow and expand over a period of time in a competitive sector is challenging. It needs constant effort, determination, and effective strategy-building in order for a business to stay afloat in a highly competitive market.

If you are unable to take your business to the next level and feel that it is going through a period of stagnancy and complacency, using the guidance of a professional business consultant such as Luke Lazarus would be really helpful.

Luke Lazarus has a very good track record of providing his clients with strategic business guidance that has helped them take their business to the peak of its success.

Most of the start-ups and businesses these days are burdened with the heavy competition and are unable to gain the kind of success they first expected to achieve. It is mostly due to businesses being unable to gain an in-depth understanding of what the customers are looking for or doing competition analysis.

It is necessary to do cost-cutting at times as well to ensure that the cash flow is not hampered and there is enough liquidity available to keep the business machinery running smoothly. One of the key problems that the start-ups face is they are unable to manage their cash flow or find it difficult to raise funds from the investors. Luke Lazarus helps his clients gather capital and seed money through impactful presentations that he can create and address with ease.

Luke Lazarus is currently based in Melbourne and has helped many companies in the country to revive their business as well as enter their respective sector with strong impact. Developing a brand story that would attract the target audience and to which, they can relate with is necessary to leave a lasting positive impression on the end users.

It is what Luke Lazarus can help with through his experience and expertise. Having worked with numerous businesses and start-ups over the years has proven to be highly effective for him, who continues to work with CEOs, entrepreneurs, and businessmen to guide them on the path to success. Read more: Luke Lazarus | Business and Luke Lazarus Helps Companies Go From Zero to IPO

Luke Lazarus accepts that the trends in marketing are changing and companies need to adapt to modern consumers if they want to succeed. One way is to offer them something more than just a product or service. Luke Lazarus wants companies to speak directly to the consumers and talk about the experience they can offer them.

He helps them tell a story and in a way that the people will be willing to try their products and also help them get investors who believe in their potential. Thus, business owners can enjoy many benefits by hiring Luke Lazarus.

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Gino Pozzo


Gino Pozzo is the owner of the Watford Football Club in the UK. He has the impressive ability to make underwhelming football clubs into more reputable leagues that are the best in their country. His work is so respected that he is one of the most well-known sports figures in Europe.

This Harvard graduate was born into a family that was passionate about football. He has lived in Italy, The United States, Spain, and England. It would be in the city of London where Pozzo decided to become more active in the football club in Vicarage Road.

Some people say that the love the Pozzo family has for football is in their genes since their involvement in sports goes all the way back to 1986 when the Udinese club was bought by Gino’s father. On top of owning sports clubs, the Pozzo family also owns an electric appliance business in Spain. They also take part in property and finance mergers.

Gino is the most prized member of the family due to his intelligence and capabilities. People are often impressed with the way he approaches his goals. The Pozzo family purchased the failing Watford club in 2012. Under Gino’s guide, the Watford club was competing in England’s top competition by 2015.

The Watford Club is the club that Gino Pozzo is most passionate about. The London club has strong ties to his success. His influence felt in every part of the club. He can be found at Watford’s training ground almost every day.

Gino has been praised by many others, including Andrea Carnevale who has stated that Gino was “the best owner in the world.” He has held high ranks in regards to his skill as a football club owner. Even fans on various social media site consider Gino Pozzo to be the best.

Super Lawyer Todd Levine Shares How To Stand Out


Here’s something Attorney Todd Levine totally lives by:

Be thoroughly prepared to do a hell of a job for your client.

As the founding member of Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen & Levine, P.L., Todd Levine specializes in the commercial real estate litigation, working with real estate brokers, property managers, buyers and sellers. He leads by example in how to truly stand out in the crowd.

Levine’s clients seek him out because of his reputation and through constant recommendation. There’s a reason why Levine has earned the Best Lawyer Award for Real Estate Litigation by the US News and World Report last year 2018 and recognized in the Super Lawyers Business Review, the Daily Business Review and the South Florida Business Journal.

Why all the accolades? Why all the attention?

It’s Todd Levine’s work ethic.

Levine advises anyone looking for success in any field to be the go-to specialist, the resource everyone seeks out to solve other people’s problems. The better you do that, the more people will come looking for you than you looking for them.

And Attorney Levine goes about doing that starting with being very attentive to his clients. He spends time with his clients and never fails to get back to them when there’s any question or any sort of communication for him. This is how he practices his strong belief in being client-first, his first step to a thorough preparation.

Levine believes in being thoroughly prepared. And that’s having a full understanding of the facts and the evidences inside out. One important habit he practices that has becomes his well recognized strength is simplification – the ability to simplify the most complex litigation through reframing so that the judge, the jury and anybody can easily understand.

 For Attorney Todd Levine, simplification starts with outlining. It’s how he organizes his thoughts and makes sense of it all. The outline enables him to present his ideas clearly, concisely and logically, making it easier to make his point stick when he speaks.

Attorney Todd Levine sets an example on how to stand out.

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EOS Lip Balm Review of Summer Fruit


EOS lip balms are a unique and innovative product that offers tasty yet healthy ingredients that are good for your lips. One of the most unique flavors that EOS lip balm products have to offer is the summer fruit flavor. It is a tasty and delicious fruity balm that is bursting with tropical flavors which is perfect for the warm summer months when lips may need extra protection. The summer fruit is just one of the many 100% natural lip balms that EOS has to offer.

Some of the other most popular flavors include sweet mint, strawberry sorbet, vanilla and coconut. Each EOS lip balm is made of 100% natural healthy ingredients such as avocado oil, jojoba oil and olive oil. Some of the other top ingredients that EOS lip balm flavors are made of include coconut oil, beeswax, shea butter and cocoa butter which offer some of the most moisturizing benefits. EOS lip balms are safe to use and free of harmful chemicals such as parabens and talc. EOS lip balms are also free of gluten, GMOs, coal tar, formaldehyde and oxybenzone. EOS lip balms can be found online and in stores in a variety of fun and tasty flavors.

James Dondero: A Trailblazer Who Gives Back


James Dondero is a trailblazer. He is someone who gets things done. Even though he has achieved a great amount of success in the world of finance, he is not one to rest on his laurels. Read more at Wikipedia about James Dondero.

He, along with his colleagues at Highland Capital Management, have made giving back to their community of Dallas, Texas, part of their mission and vision as a company. They are passionate and determined to improve their city. They understand that financial success has no meaning or value unless you are willing to invest it to make life better for others. For James Dondero, this is all in a day’s work. Learn more about James Dondero at High Yield Credit.

James Dondero and Highland Capital Management support Dallas area non-profit and community based organizations by offering them grants throughout the year. In order to carry this out more efficiently, James Dondero has made a number of important business relationships with non profit organizations such as The Dallas Foundation to further his and the firm’s philanthropic agenda. The company recently worked with Mary Jalonick, the CEO and President of The Dallas Foundation to commit a minimum of $3 million as a yearly budget for charitable giving. Together, James Dondero and Mary Jalonick created Highland Dallas Foundation, Inc. in order to make the selection of charities and recipients easier for James Dondero’s firm.



Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum’s Medical Contributions



Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum is a graduate from Brown University where he earned his medical degree. Previously he studied at Albert Einstein College School of Medicine before making his credentials in Philadelphia. Upon graduation, Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum received specialized training on joint replacement surgeries. He has always been devoted to getting more skills and experience; hence, he joined Bronxcare Health System, where he holds several ranks.


Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum is the director of surgeries and the chairman. Also, he is a lecturer specializing with creating awareness and sharing his experience in information technology. Dr. Ira also shares information on the process management, among others.

Causes of Decreased surgery average age

  1. According to the changing Demographics and Revision Total Joint research; Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum proved that the average age for various joint operations is decreasing at a high rate, and the primary cause is the modern lifestyle.


  1. Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum also proved that obesity is a major contributing factor that leads to a decrease in the surgery age. Over the years, Dr. Ira has always taken the initiative to ensure that he has a full review of the patient. After the surgery, his advice meals guaranteeing that the patient receives a full recovery.


He urges people to exercise more and differently, adopt new eating habits and working habits. Such interventions have helped patients recover fast. For the knee surgeries, patients should not be overweight or even obese since each extra pound exerts four times pressure on the knee hence the need to conduct the new operation. Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum has proved the need to be average weight to ensure there is no decrease in the age of surgery.


  1. Dr. Kirschenbaum has also partnered with the Arthritis Foundation to create awareness to people on the importance of eating a balanced diet.

Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum has proven his commitment to creating a better world where people live healthy and active.

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Talkspace: The Powerful Messaging App Developed to Help People with Mental Issues


Mental health is a big issue in the United States, and many people are hesitant to visit a professional therapist because of the societal stigma that they might experience. However, Oren Frank changed everything with the introduction of Talkspace – a powerful app that runs on desktop computers and mobile devices that allows communication between a user and a professional therapist. The app was launched in 2012, and it has become popular ever since, being featured on television, radio, and print. The number of Talkspace users has also ballooned through the years, and in its latest estimate back in 2016, the company reported more than 300,000 active users who are constantly using the app.

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The people who are using the app are pointing out that it is very affordable compared to real life sessions with therapists that have to be set up. With Talkspace, users can pay for a monthly fee, and they will be given unlimited access to their preferred therapist. When the user logs into the system, they will be automatically connected to their preferred therapist, and they can talk about whatever the user wanted. Oren Frank also highlighted that the platform is now capable of displaying photos and videos because it can also be an effective way of communicating with others.

The success of Talkspace has become a discussion among those who have tried it and those who wanted to give it a shot. There are also a lot of reviews online about the application, and most users have praised the system for choosing the best therapists for every mental problem there is. Talkspace managed to build the public’s confidence towards those who are practicing as a therapist, and the professionals are also happy using the app because they can now perform their profession even without leaving their offices, and they are also given a chance to interact with so many people. Learn more: