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A New Answer to Distressed Investing from Colbeck Capital Management


When a company is facing financial hardship, it is imperative for the executive team to explore as many options as possible that may be available to the company. The firm should explore options about debt restructuring, capital investing to assist the business in navigating through the myriad courses of action that are available to it. When confronted with this enormous obstacle, finding the right support and guidance is crucial to ensure the company survives this difficult time. Colbeck Capital Management is an investment management company that specializes in distressed debt and strategic lending for those firms that find themselves in a touch financial situation.

The mission of Colbeck Capital Management is based on developing partnerships with businesses that may not be candidates for other investment options. Their team focuses on the specific needs of each client and the unique financial situation the company is facing. Founded in 2008, Colbeck Capital is the result of the combining talents of its two founders Jason Beckman and Jason Colodne. Both coming from finance backgrounds, these gentlemen saw opportunities to assist those businesses that would With a staff highly trained in distressed companies, Colbeck Capital see the investment opportunity that comes with undercapitalized market niches and those firms that may not be the most appealing for traditional corporate loans from banks and other financial institutions.

Currently both holding positions as Operating Managers with Colbeck, Jason Colodne and Jason Beckman both bring extensive experience in financial hardship management to the table. Each of their backgrounds lend to extensive experience in this strenuous financial situations. Mr. Colodne holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Pennsylvania and has held positions that involve distressed investing with UBS and Bears Stern. He was President of Patriarch Partners as well as holding a position with Morgan Stanley where his responsibilities included deal execution and sourcing, credit trading and loan closing for investments. Mr. Beckman brings his own experience working with distressed investing from his position as Senior Vice President at Deutsche Bank. He holds degrees from Union College in addition to his education from the London School of Economics. Both gentlemen have held positions involving the management of distressed companies at Goldman Sachs, Currently, each partner is holding a Managing Director position with Colbeck Capital and are heavily involved with the portfolio management and investment strategies for each of their clients.

When a firm finds itself face to face with financial woes, each decision made has tremendous impact on the company’s future. For these businesses, having a partner that is not only willing to invest in the company, but provide advice and a plethora of alternative solutions to specifics problem the company is currently facing creates a working relationship where ideas and suggestions can be exchanged in an open and honest forum. Colodne and Beckman have found a way to service each of their clients’ unique predicaments in a way that promotes partnership and enhances the company’s overall outcome. The specialized approach that Colbeck Capital Management brings to the businesses they service is distinctive and unparalleled in the financial investment industry. Find out more about Colbeck Capital Management: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/v3-announces-50mm-funding-round-300551457.html