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Aaron Lupuloff – The Senior Executive Director


Aaron Lupuloff is a senior executive director working for the Gwinnett County Public Schools team. He joined the organization in 2015, and he is doing a great job in leading the school.

Joining the organization has been his dream ever since he heard of it, and through his leadership, the Gwinnett County Public Schools received a lot of support from many individuals. His wife, Jan, is helping him in leading the schoo, and they are also spearheading programs that are made for the community.

The assistance given by Aaron Lupuloff and his wife to the community landed them with an award from the NHS Foundation Hall. The two promised that they will work better for the community.

The example of the work by Aaron Lupuloff can be found in Camp Twin Lakes, an organization that has a strong support from him. Every summer, the children and the disabled are invited to participate in a summer camp. Children who came from low income families can also attend the camp.

The scholarship given to the children who are studying at the GCPS are being used to cover their camping fees. They are entitled to a 70% coverage for the fees. The children who are joining the event hosted by Aaron Lupuloff said that they enjoy all of the activities.

The Juvenile Diabetes Foundation also benefits from the philanthropy of Aaron and Jan Lupuloff. They are receiving funding from the two, and they are using it for diabetes research. Partners Against Domestic Violence are also receiving additional funding from them, and the organization said that the money awarded to them were used to rescue people.

Lupuloff worked with other educational institutions in the past. He was a founder of a local high school that was established back in 2001. He also helped the poor families from his hometown to generate new income.

He also said that they need to go to school to study, and opened new opportunities for the people. He heavily promoted education among the poor people so that they can have a shot in changing their lives.

He is also a member of the Georgia Tech Parents Advisory Board, and he contributes a lot to the group. With a great resume and confidence, he applied at the GCPS, and he was hired because of his experiences in managing a business.

He continues to show the local communities around the area that anything can be accomplished if everyone learned how to help each other.

According to gwinnettdailypost, he is happy working for the GCPS, and he looks at the students and see how they excel in their studies. Aaron Lupuloff said that his sacrifices are worth it because the children can now go to school and learn. He said that the motivation of the students should also be felt by other students across the country.

In America, more and more children are becoming tired of going to school. What they do not understand is the consequences of dropping out. They would be surprised when they found out that the life they built is not what they want.




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