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Academy Of Art University’s role in talent development


The New York Fashion Week is a platform where new models and modeling firms showcase what they have. It provides viewers an opportunity to witness works of new talented designers. On 9th September 2017, the Academy of Art University through its School of Fashion organized its 21st fashion talent show at Skylight Clarkson Square. This year’s edition was graced by BFA and MFA graduates who showcased five womenswear and two menswear for the first time. The show also included a collaboration of the two classes of clothing.


The show had designers from many parts of the world in attendance. The vast number of designers made this year’s edition one of its kinds as attendees were given a treat of some of the most innovative designs in the globe. Among the attending members were renowned fashion gurus such as the legendary Mrs. J. Alexander from America’s Next Top Model and Sara Kozlowski. Mrs. Kozlowski is the Director of Education and Professional Development at CFDA. The fifteen-minute show was an opportunity for designers to feature the designs that they had developed over an extended period.


The Academy of Art has been in existence since 1929. The growth of the institution has been fuelled by its longstanding mission of innovation and creativity. It is difficult to talk about the history of San Francisco without mentioning about the Academy of Art University. This is because the school is one of the iconic symbols of this city. Both the city and the Academy of Art University have worked in unity to bring positive developments.


San Francisco has been the source of the talented and innovative individuals who are nurtured by Academy of Art University and given the opportunity to showcase their abilities. Academy of Art University teaches design, arts, and communication. The school has different programs in undergraduate, degrees, certificate and portfolio development levels. The school has a long list of the things that it aims to fulfill.


Some of these missions include:

  • To be an all-inclusive institution that provides applicants who are qualified with an equal opportunity to enroll in the institution and showcase their talents.
  • To instill discipline in students and teach them the benefit of embracing creativity.

The institution is determined to continue delivering its services to San Francisco youths and other individuals who are aspiring to become professionals in their fields of study.