Alejandro Betancourt Lopez



Alejandro Betancourt Lopez is a businessman who belongs to Venezuela. He is the CEO of Derwick Associates. Betancourt is a 38 years old entrepreneur whose company is related to construction and procurement. He is also a leader and director of many exploration and production corporations. Moreover, he is the owner of a Spanish company that manufactures sunglasses under the brand name of Hawkers. He belongs to a family of talented people, but he chose to polish his talents a little differently and in a more entrepreneur way. More information about Betancourt Lopez at

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez is the man who constantly insists on the importance and needs for self-improvement. He says it is the process of continuity in which one keeps improving their knowledge, skills, and characteristics. He insists on taking the journey of self-improvement slowly and gradually to a level where one can proudly say that they have achieved or learned the characters that any person would want. Life is not just about the achievement or attainment of material success but also in the building up of a strong character and good habits and personality. On many occasions and many interviews, Alejandro Betancourt Lopez has mentioned the stages and ways to pass on the journey of self-improvement and character building.

First things first, make a decision that you want to change yourself for good. If you have the will to improve yourself, you are already there. But the work is not finished here. One must try to be as strategic as possible with the steps. It takes time, but if we surround ourselves with the right people, our success is always promised. And in the process, even if you face a little discouragement, stay persistent because it surely does pay off. Hard work always has a reward if we embrace what comes in our ways. This is called as embracing the change as it comes. Moreover, staying accountable for the actions, always staying grateful for whatever that we have an understanding that life is nothing but a challenge are the keys to a perfect polish on one’s personality.