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Alex Pall ‘s Journey To The Chainsmokers


Alex Pall is one of the voices of the famous band The Chainsmokers. Alex was born in 16th may 1985 in New York. He is a former member of the renowned ban The Chainsmokers ever since it was found by him and one of his friends. The talented songwriter and pianist Alex Pall is also an American DJ and started his career as a DJ initially. He is also one of the most famous music directors of this generation. At the early stage of his career he used to work at a gallery of arts.

A recent interview was held with the famous singer Alex Pall from The Chainsmokers. He said how he began his career playing as a DJ in clubs. The singer added the fact that being a DJ is his hobby. After his friend left the band, his manager introduced him to Andrew Taggart. The dynamic duo together began creating music that touched the heart of their fans. Their songs are a great hit especially among the young adults. Alex and Andrew together have produced and launched several songs and music videos and is a sensation of the current time. Their unique creation of music most of the make it to the top charts in the music industry.

Alex Pall grew up in a small town with his parents in Bedford. He graduated on the subject of art, History and also business from the University of New York and also entered into a Masters School. At night he used to perform as a DJ in City clubs and NYC parties. After he formed the band in 2009 he “the Chainsmokers” his career started to evolve in the music industry. They released a song first time on the social media platform and it was a huge hit. The band then launched many successful songs like Roses in 2015 and Closer in 2016 which were billboard hits. The song “Closer” is one of their top rated music in the charts. Alex and Andrew were recently seen at the Grammy awards red carpet event and on the show where they were nominated.