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Are Duda Melzer’s leadership skills the reason behind RBS’s success?


It is often said that those joining family business have it easy and do not have to go through half the struggle that other entrepreneurs do. Duda Melzer, also known as Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer, challenged this notion when he joined his family business. His leadership style and ambitions were different than the ones that were prevalent therefore his effort and hard work remains unquestioned to date. Preserving the legacy of RBS Group with its 6,500 employees and its 56-year history, Duda Melzer with his knowledge and experience put it on a journey to reach new heights.

Based on eusoufamecos.net, after receiving his MBA from the prestigious Harvard Business School, Duda did not pursue his family business. Instead, he went onto achieve experience of his own by working in various corporations. He served as the senior financial analyst at Delphi Corporation and later performed his job as a managing director as BoxTop Media. It wasn’t until later that he received the executive presidency of the RBS Group from his uncle. Eduardo credits his success to his mentor, John Davis, who was a Harvard professor as well as a family business specialist. His rules of good governance are deeply instilled into the leadership attributes of RBS Group and have aided greatly in the success of it. There is no doubt in the fact that these rules of excellence in good governance paved the path for RBS to become one of Brazil’s largest telecommunication companies. Duda Melzer has been known to use the strategic concepts of two of the most influential business thinkers namely John Collins and Ram Charan. Since then his leadership strategies have been known to be a mix of both the business skills as well as human skills. At just the age of 47, Duda is well aware of the important aspects of business and its dealings. He believes that geographical boundaries do not define a business; however, it is important to ensure that the institution’s values and beliefs remain intact with the place of business scope.

There is no doubt in the fact that Duda Melzer helped RBS group reached new heights of success with his integrated leadership and organizational skills. he deeply values experienced people in his organization and credits the company’s success to them.  To know more about Melzer visit terra.com