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Ara Chackerian About Viable Stocks Within The Healthcare Sector


Ara Chackerian is a Californian entrepreneur and philanthropist, with a successful career that spans over decades. He showed an interest in the world of healthcare technology, playing a role in founding several companies that focus on various diagnostic imaging services. He currently plays a role in a number of boards, but also spends his time focusing on youth development as well as environmental causes.

One environmental focus that Ara Chackerian spends his time on is the Nicaragua-based Limonapa Teak, a sustainable teak farm, where he serves as the President and co-founder. The goal of the farm is to employ environmentally-friendly practices and create jobs for the local community. Meanwhile, in the world of healthcare, him and his long-time business partner serve as advisors for TMS Health Solutions.

He recently wrote about investing in the healthcare sector, focusing on the power of dividends, an aspect which Ara Chackerian thinks should not be underestimated. He wrote about dividends playing a role in increasing the value of the investment returns, and how many investors withdraw at the end of each year the accrued dividend amount, and then put it into use. However, he does note that many investors don’t have an understanding of the role that capital could have played if it got reinvested.

According to the entrepreneur, the healthcare sector made significant progress recently, which resulted in an impact within the industry. He highlighted three stocks in his post, including Pfizer, Welltower, and Abbvie. Ara Chackerian noted that Pfizer is among the most stable stocks, paying dividends to its investors ever since 1938, while noting that Welltower is expected to continue growing. As far as Abbvie goes, he noted that the stock has been constant when it comes to yielding dividends of over 4%, a percentage which is expected to increase after the company will launch new drugs.