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Organo Gold’s Healthier Coffee


Study after study shows that drinking coffee could lead to a longer life. The findings of one 16-year-long study found that people who drank two to three cups of coffee day had an overall 18% decrease in the chance of death as compared to non-coffee drinkers. The researchers were not able to identify why coffee appears to reduce the risk of death, but the results are statistically significant.

Some companies are taking steps to make coffee the new health drink of choice. Organo Gold – a global network marketing company specializing in premium coffees and teas – includes Ganoderma in their beverages. Ganoderma is a type of mushroom that has been associated with health benefits for over 2,000 years. In Asia, Ganoderma has been used in traditional medicines for centuries. While no studies have yet produced evidence of the health benefits of Ganoderma, proponents claim many health benefits including immunity support, reduction of inflammation, and stress relief. Ganoderma is also a top source of antioxidants.

By combining the potential health benefits of Ganoderma with the probable life-extending properties of coffee, Organo Gold gives consumers an option for a super-healthy drink. Organo Gold has partnered with the world’s largest certified organic Ganoderma plantation to ensure the quality and potency of its products.

Organo Gold currently offers five different coffee products that contain Ganoderma: Gourmet Black Coffee, King of Coffee, Café Latte, Café Mocha, and Café Supreme. They also offer other Ganoderma infused beverages such as teas and hot cocoa.

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