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People the world over love wine, and although many have their favorites, we did not arrive at the notion of favorite without trying out a bunch of different types. That said, if there is one thing the magical internet has brought us is the ability to enjoy wine from all corners of the earth while never, ever having to board a plane, or even leave your home for that matter. Grand Tokaj is a leading winery in Hungary and their wines are now going to be sold and distributed in China via JD.com. Although it is just wine, it is indicative of how many doors for greater levels of commerce are flying open across the world since the internet has grown along with supporting infrastructure.

JD.com, long considered a Chinese e-commerce giant, have developed amazing logistics in the years since their start, and all of that time and energy spent developing great logistics will now make it possible for Chinese consumers to have Grand Tokaj wine on their table either the same day, or one day after they place their order. The speed at which a wonderful treat like wine can end up in a consumer’s home, from the likes of a country thousands of miles away, is just amazing.

Studies of consumers in China have indicated they do like wine from abroad. The particular groups that like this are women, younger consumers and those that live in first and second tier cities. The wine consuming market is what some would consider explosive and therefore the desire for high-quality, and imported wines, is increasing. It is a market that is ripe for growth, which is exactly why JD.com got into this particular deal with Grand Tokaj.

JD.com has been ranking as the leading retailer of alcoholic beverages and alcohol sales. In fact, their sales of alcohol have gone up tenfold in just six years. With these kinds of sales, clearly they have become a platform for marketing wine to consumers that appear to have a never-ending desire for all variations. JD.com also uses the data it collects on consumers to provide targeted marketing solutions to those consumers. This is smart business and JD.com and Grand Tokaj will likely have a thriving, synergistic relationship for years to come.

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