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Richard Liu Qiangdong And His Business


Liu Qiangdong founded the e-commerce company, JD..com. Today he remains the CEO of this $12 dollar industry. JD.com currently has an active client base of over 100 million shoppers. Liu Quiangdong was born in a small town in China’s Jiangsu province to hard-working coal shipping parents. After graduating from high school, he entered the Sociology program at The Peoples’ University of China. He would graduate with a B.A. During the time leading up to his degree, in between classes he taught himself computer coding.

After graduation, he immediately went to work for Japan Life, a natural supplement provider. There he would utilize his knowledge of computers when eventually becoming its Director of Computers. In 1998 he began to start his own computer business. He rented a small place and opened up a store called Jingdong which sold magneto-optical products. His store immediately became very popular primarily for its superb customer service and its commitment to selling only authentic, top quality products, which was rare in China’s technology stores at that time.

Hs store was such a success, in fact, that in just five more years he owned 12 stores. However, things went south for many Chinese brick-and-mortar retailers after China’s SARS outbreak of 2003. The outbreak meant that most shoppers were forced to stay inside unless they absolutely had to. As a result, many businesses went under. Qiandong helped his business stay alive by reinventing it into an online store which he called JD.com. This online version went over so well that in a few years he had closed all of his brick-and-mortar stores.

He spent years honing his services and the online customer platform. At first the online stored continued to sell the same magneto-optical products as the physical stores, but more and more vendors from other industries kept on seeking partnerships with him to have him sell their products on his site as well.

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