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Barbara Stokes In The Action


Barbara Stokes is an outspoken advocate for the rebuilding and relief of those who have been under the judgemental finger of severe weather conditions such as Katrina and Hurricane Harvey. Read this article at businessinsider.com.

It is clear that Barbara Stokes has the best intentions for these suffering communities because she owns and runs a business called Green Structure Houses of Alabama. It is their personal mission to provide relief and restitution to those who need it the most. The materials that Barbara Stokes uses in her business consist of only the best quality items which can withstand the forces of nature in the near future lest another catastrophe hits. Not only is there an edge as far as materials are concerned but the time efficiency is also spot on when it comes to being on time.

View: https://www.cullmantimes.com/archives/green-structure-homes-alabama-to-be-cullman-s-newest-industry/article_5fc0baef-94dc-5d12-b35f-64a6caa41081.html

The military during the time of Katrina failed to be on time and because of this lack of punctuality millions of lives have been lost at the hands of disaster. The only reason this happened was because of the laws that applied to being a government organization opposed to being a civil organization. Barbara Stokes owned a civil organization which allowed her and her team to be at the scene during the horrific crisis of Katrina to do what they could to mitigate the suffering the the government was stalled by the need for the approval of the Pentagon. This stall lasted for four days and in those four days live have been taken from their loved ones. Read this article at alivenewspaper.com.