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Betsy DeVos and True Ease


Life isn’t always fair. Betsy DeVos knows that fact. Most people know that fact. Although DeVos is keenly aware of the often harsh realities of human existence, it doesn’t stop her from trying to change things all of the time. She likes to be a living and breathing game-changer. Tolerating things simply doesn’t fly with her. She doesn’t like seeing other people suffer in pain. The mere thought of it makes her cringe as well. There are many humans who feel upset about injustices that take place everywhere. DeVos stands out from these people, though. That’s because she puts herself out there. She vocalizes her dissatisfaction about the things in this world that just aren’t reasonable. She aims to bring them to light any time the chance arises. The chance arises frequently for her. She employs her platform in a manner that’s measured and cautious. She’s truly grateful to have a platform in the first place. Functioning as the prestigious Secretary of Education in America is something that makes her feel true honor. President Donald Trump knew that she’d be up for the task. She’s up for all sorts of tasks that can aid humanity in the end.


The Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation isn’t something that all people know. Despite that, it has a strong presence in the United States. It’s given back to all sorts of All-American causes. It’s even given back to causes that extend beyond the borders of the United States. Dick and Betsy are two philanthropists who grasp the fact that problems exist everywhere. There are no utopias on this planet for them or for anyone else. Their aim, however, is to make the world as much of a bona fide utopia as possible.


Betsy DeVos collaborates with President Trump regularly. They have a work rapport that’s pretty impressive. It doesn’t matter if they have thoughts that aren’t synchronized, either. Occasional differences are par for the course in working relationships. President Trump had an opinion that related to bathrooms and transgenders. DeVos’ opinion didn’t match his. That was totally okay, though. It didn’t bother DeVos in the slightest. Her attitude toward everything is laidback. She knows that the world could use more serenity. She delivers that uncommon serenity all of the time as well.


There are charter schools popping up all of the time in the United States. Betsy DeVos is elated to discover them. Her husband is just as elated to discover them. Dick is actually a businessman who put together a charter school in the Midwest in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The name of this school is the West Michigan Aviation Academy. It educates high schoolers who want to go after aviation jobs.


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