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Betsy DeVos Continues To Work Hard To Help Upgrade The Educational System In The USA


Betsy DeVos is a fearless leader and entrepreneur who has always worked hard to support students in the USA. She has never backed down from a challenge and doesn’t mind working with politicians from both sides of the aisle to accomplish her goals. DeVos feels that students in her home country should be able to attend a school that their family believes in. Today, most students attend a public school that is picked out for them based on the zip code of where they live. She believes this is an outdated system that is in desperate need of an upgrade and that the upgrade can take the form of tax credit programs and private vouchers that pay for students’ entrance fees into private schools and charter schools.


Betsy DeVos recently took part in an interview where she was asked to talk about efforts she has been a part of in various states to help pass legislation that supports students’ needs. She recalled a time during the late 2000s when she was working with governor Jindal in Louisiana to help push through a pilot voucher program in the state. This was a bipartisan effort, and while it was successful in the end, it had faced a lot of opposition from the state’s department of education. The department had given parents only 7 days to sign up for the voucher program. This meant many families would be lose out because they wouldn’t have time to hear about it. DeVos helped reach these families by purchasing advertising slots on radio stations and the internet. She also paid for billboard ads and worked with community organizations to help reach more people.


Betsy DeVos has also worked with John Kirtley in Florida to help support his efforts to pass a tax-scholarship program in the state. She believes Florida is a good example of a state where a lot of progress has been made to help support the educational rights of students. Mr. Kirtley was able to garner a lot of support for educational choice legislation, which has helped to keep it active because of its ongoing popularity. DeVos recently talked about the importance of appealing to the public and working to make educational choice measures more popular. She commented that doing so helps to keep educational choice programs active instead of being overturned at a later date.


Betsy DeVos was raised in a wealthy family in Holland, Michigan where many people believed in equal educational opportunities for all students. She attended Calvin College as a young woman and received her bachelor’s degree in business economics from the private Christian college. She currently calls Grand Rapids her home but has also been spending a lot of her time in Washington D.C. because she is now the secretary of education for the U.S. DeVos believes that charter schools and private schools should receive the same kind of funding as public schools. She has fought hard for most of her life to support the kind of legislation that will make this a reality.


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