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Bhanu Choudhrie and The Past


Bhanu Choudhrie has learned competition is key in life and in business.


Because competition compels action. Competition makes one think about why one is better and would make them to become better if they want to survive. See, competition provides one with an impetus to act and improve in their business and in their overall life as well.

What Were the Recent Issues That Pushed Microsoft Back in the Race?

The past few years of tumultuous decisions by Microsoft, Bhanu Choudhrie has seen, that in the face of massive competition allude towards that past period with Gates, where the company had to put out fires and prove its mettle against large scale competitors left, right and center.

Bhanu Choudhrie has seen that some of these issues had been enough for people to turn towards Apple as their primary solution provider, leaving Microsoft far behind in the race to be number one.

A few of such problems from the past two decades that immediately come to mind include but are not limited to:

• Microsoft Windows ME and Windows 8
• Microsoft Zune
• Microsoft Windows Phone
• Microsoft Internet Explorer

Bhanu Choudhrie and Microsoft Windows OS

It would be quite ungrateful to say anything bad about the Windows operating system, the OS that changed the way we used computers forever. At the same time, it would be quite ignorant not to point out the glaring issues that offerings such as Windows Me (Millennium Edition – also candidly called the “Mistake Edition”), and Windows 8 brought to the table for their users.

Packed with limited features, problematic restrictions, and bugged execution, these two OS in particular created a bunch of problems for their users. While Windows Me is famous for removing access to DOS, creating issues with enterprise execution, and making older programs incompatible; Windows 8 became known for its bugged performance and choppy execution.

These problems had been enough for Windows users to switch to Apple products, and stay with the newer company as its loyal customers even its solutions seemed pricier beyond any reason they could have imagined.

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