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Blake Mallen; the Innovative Founder of Billion-Dollar Brand, ViSalus


Blake Mallen grew up as an ordinary boy, chasing dreams the conventional way. However, the idea of success taught to him was not ‘fulfilling.’ It did not bring out his full potential. He decided to jump ship. He dived into ‘Gig-economy’ or what was known as ‘side-hustle’ and capitalized on it.

Entrepreneurship was not popular when Blake Mallen and Nick Sarnicola joined efforts to build ViSalus. The duo took the market with a storm. Ryan Blair later purchased the business entity, hence holding the position of the President, Chairman, and CEO of ViSalus. Mallen and Sarnicola held the senior marketing positions. Learn more about Blake Mallen at Bloomberg.

Their idea was to market weight loss shakes and nutritional supplements to the American Market. Through this platform, the trio impacted the lives of millions of Americans when they initiated 90-day weight loss and fitness challenge. Its success drove them to expand the wings to Latin America and Europe.

For 11 years since the inception of ViSalus, Blake Mallen served as the ‘Chief Sales and Marketing Officer. During this time, he designed a Challenge marketing strategy publicized “body by Vi 90-Day Challenge” This Challenge Marketing was his original idea. It saw the company sales rise to over $2 billion in a short time. This great success made ViSalus to be the number #1 in Weight-loss & fitness challenge in America.

Owing to his development record, Blake Mallen became the president of ViSalus on January 2016. He is also a founder of a lifestyle platform liv.com, which gives people a platform to share their life experiences. Over the years, Mallen has dared young entrepreneurs to live a life that they are ‘meant to’ live rather than what they are ‘supposed to’ live. The latter is limited to several factors.

The kind of freedom and fulfillment Blake Mallen got from the path he chose allowed him to marry his high school sweetheart, have two beautiful children, and live his passion: A life that is an envy to many people.

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