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Bob Reina: He Knows His Work Is Never Done


One of the things that has allowed Bob Reina and Talk Fusion to stand the test of time and keep growing is the fact that they are always looking at the big picture and they are never content or satisfied. They know there is more to do and more to improve on when it comes to helping people and making a difference in the overall landscape of the world. After all, Bob Reina knows he is blessed to be in the spot he is in today and there is not a day that goes by where he takes that for granted. He is a very humble and hard working man.


All of this has lead to the success of Talk Fusion, which is the all-in-one video communications service. He started the company as a way to change lives for people out there that were interested in something more. They had done the 9-5 suit and tie job, and they realized it was not making them happy and it was not for them.


This product, Talk Fusion, features video newsletters, video emails, video chats, and video conferences. All of this allows for someone that has a big idea to turn it into a big business. They also have the luxury of working from the comfort of their own home, setting their own hours, and spending more time with their family. All of these are good things and they allow people to have a better life overall.


Bob Reina is also big in the community in terms of giving back. Even though he works hard and has earned everything he has in his life, he knows that with those earnings, he can do something special and something earth shattering, such as his record-breaking donation to the Tampa Bay Humane Society. He has always had a soft spot for animals and quite frankly, who doesn’t?


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