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Bruce Levenson’s Involvement In The Non-Profit Industry


After selling Atlanta Hawks, Bruce Levenson immediately ventured into the non-profit industry by funding the University of Maryland’s Do Good Institute. This program has proven to be of great importance in higher education. Its goal is to reach many students, particularly those undertaking their undergraduate studies at the University of Maryland, and introduce them to non-profit business. The vision of the program is to develop the next generation of non-profit business leaders by equipping them with skills that will give them a competitive edge over their counterparts in the private sector. So far, this initiative has received overwhelming response from different stakeholders.

Speaking to PR newswire, Levenson said that over the years, visionary executives have provided transformative leadership to different institutions. However, these leaders do not realize their mission because they lack business skills that are essential for running their enterprises in a successful manner. Together with his wife, Bruce Levenson presented this idea of developing non-profit leaders to the University of Maryland. They donated $75 million towards the program, while the university contributed $20 million. Students who attended the first class were taught about Philanthropy 101, which included a lab component. The learners were provided with $10,000 to donate to a foundation of their choice. This initiative became an instant hit.

The Do Good Institute’s mission is to change the institution into a Do Good campus where each graduate is knowledgeable and inspired to give back to the society. It was inaugurated in 2010. Since then, it has gained traction. The main objective of this program is to attract students who are passionate about philanthropic activities and community service.

Ben Simon, a former student, co-established Food Recovery Network (FRN) through the Do Good Institute. FRN is a student-managed waste-prevention interest group. In addition, Ben founded another enterprise known as Imperfect Produce.

About Bruce Levenson

Bruce Levenson was the controlling partner of the Atlanta Hawks, which was later sold to Antony Ressler and his group. In 2004, Levenson acquired the Hawks from the Philips Arena, and Atlanta Thrashers for a consideration of $250 million. He sold the Thrashers in 2011 for $170 million. Levenson is a partner and co-founder of the United Communications Group. He is the proprietor of Atlanta Spirit, LLC. Source: brucelevenson.com

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