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Caring For Your Tresses


In today’s world, most women find it harder than ever to take time out for “me time”, you know that special portion of the day when a gal attends to her own needs or just unwinds after a hectic day. There is much research out there that supports the fact that a female’s health can be improved by a daily does rest, relaxation, and tender loving self-care. And one of the most important self-care elements that matter to a lady’s health and overall well-being is good hair care. It’s said that a woman’s glory is her hair, so it’s no wonder why they will spend oodles of money at the salon and on an array of hair care products over their lifetime. It’s estimated that a female spends an average of one hour and fifty-three minutes a week taking care of their locks by washing, blow drying and styling. And it’s vital to note that the best way to maintain healthy hair is by using good quality products. Such as protein rich shampoos, moisturizing conditioners, and lightweight finishing sprays or gels.

One of the best known hair care products around to hit the globe is Chaz Dean’s Wen hair care line. WEN’s unique formula of cleansing conditioner is an easy 5-in-1 recipe for success which uses all-natural ingredients such as Chamomile Extract, Glycerin, Wild Cherry Bark, Rosemary Extract, and Panthenol. The Wen formula is free of harsh sulfates that strip one’s hair of it’s natural oils, leaving hair feeling naturally hydrated and more manageable. And Wen by Chaz Dean – Hair Care & Styling Products is promising that your hair is guaranteed the best results after trying their line.

Wen’s founder, Chaz Dean is as inspiring as his hair care products. Born in Vermont, this All-American visionary grew up in an adoptive home by loving parents who taught him the value of hard work and ambition. As a young man, Chaz worked as a paper boy and enjoyed earning his way in life. In his young adult years, he found an interest in photography and studied commercial photography. Shortly thereafter, the industrious young man turned his passion to hair and enrolled in cosmetology school. And the rest is what we could say is Hair care history! Over the years, Chaz Dean has worked with celebrity clients from all over the world, running his own salon in Hollywood as well constantly developing new products for his incredible Wen hair care line. Chaz Dean’s line of hair care products are available on Amazon and other online retailers. Browse the wen.com website to view the entire product line offering.

So, it’s a no brainer that good quality products are essential to caring for one’s hair. But, what are a few other good tips around that will help keep one’s tresses looking and feeling beautiful and healthy?

First off- maintaining a healthy body of hair full of bounce and vitality can be achieved by washing one’s hair regularly and using a wide-toothed comb for detangling hair strands after each washing. No matter what hair type, clean hair is easier to style and will look and feel more voluminous at the end of the day.

Make sure you give your hair a good brushing at least once a day. Although, some stylists will argue that indulgently brushing one’s locks can lead to breakage, it’s still a good way to give your hair a gentle brushing in order for your strands to be smoother, silkier, and softer.

It’s also important to utilize the best beauty tools in order to care for one’s hair. Stay away from hot rollers and heated styling equipment, or limit the usage. Try rolling hair in alternative sponge curlers and on warm days air-dry your freshly washed hair. The less frying a girl gives her hair, the healthier one’s locks will look and feel.

Maintaining a good night’s sleep is also a great way to keep your hair looking its optimum. It’s a true fact that getting beauty sleep keeps our skin and hair looking younger and better. Our skin cells produce new collagen when we sleep and it helps in enriching our hair’s protein synthesis. In other words, the more we spend in slumber will positively affect our hair and skin.

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