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CEO Angela Koch Plans to Grow Company by Investing in Her Staff


Investors spend a great deal of time looking for ways to make their financial future a little more secure. That means finding Alternatives that are free from the volatility of traditional investments, like precious metals.

As the CEO of the U.S. Money Reserve, Angela Koch has made it her professional mission to grow the company and is doing so with the help of her employees.

Being one of the bigger companies operating in the US, the U.S. Reserve has to spend a lot of their resources making sure their marketing and sales departments are adequate. One of those Irving the competition, Koch came to the realization that this is an industry that prides itself on compartmentalization.

People are securely confined within their roles, making them of little use to the rest of their company. Koch wants different. She wanted a greater deal of cooperation so that any individual employee is capable of contributing to solving a problem no matter where it originates.

When appointed to CEO, Koch entered office with a vision to create a more ambitious company. This means growing within the market, and pulling that off would require employees have a higher caliber than found in competitors.

Koch had a plan to develop a staff such as this, one that would require an investment plan to help anyone inside the U.S. Money Reserve develop their professional bona fides, making them indispensable to the company and the industry at Large.

Becoming an executive in any industry isn’t something Koch could have planned for. She hadn’t finished college by the time she entered the job market. And without a degree, she found that her options were rather limited, but Koch remained confident that she was capable of a great deal.

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Taking one more than one job at a time was a reality she was forced to accept. She worked across industries, in companies both big and small, and slowly developed a resume with a pretty diverse background. What made that a reality was learning how to dominate every role she was handed.

Every job she was hired for was one that she approached with seriousness. Collecting data, analyzing it, and applying it in the workplace was something that Koch did each time. The result was a list of promotions, but also gave her the experience to move on into more demanding fields.

Now that she’s an executive, having the final say in who find a place in the U.S. Money Reserve, she’s decided that it is her responsibility to make sure they have a chance to develop professionally the way that she had.

An experience executive, Koch put into place a system that collects data from all over the U.S. Money Reserve and makes it usable much in the way she had.

It is a resource to be applied by employees so that they can perform better in their roles, assisting the executive staff who are busy planning out the company’s eventual expansion. And in doing so, Koch is aware that career resource investment will create professionals well suited the following their ambitions elsewhere.

About the U.S. Money Reserve:

The U.S. Money Reserve is one of the larger Distributors of precious metals in the US. They first open their doors more than a decade ago in Texas, and in that time they gave more than half a million investors an alternative in the form of platinum, silver, and gold.

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The company’s President once served at the 35th Director of the United States Mint and former Chief of Staff of the U.S. Treasury Department.

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