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ClassDojo Helps Students, Teachers, and Parents Connect


In today’s age of Information Technology, it is much simpler to chat through a smart phone or device. ClassDojo makes communication between teacher’s parents simple and fun. Communication is s key element in student success. Teachers have a busy schedule and so do parents. It’s easy to lose communication. Children do not always give notes from the teacher to their parents and messages do not always get relayed correctly. This app allows teachers to have more time with the students. They can easily send information all in one simple place.

ClassDojo is a platform used by teachers and parents to communicate about their students’ progress grades and even their behavior. Teachers can post pictures and videos of their class. Parents and children can view pictures and videos of classroom events. Students can show their path to education by adding photos and videos. They can personalize their portfolios by choosing a colorful monster avatar to represent themselves. They can upload their achievements and pictures to share with their parents. Parents and Teachers can message each other. There is a behavior chart for the teachers using a points system. In this system, they can deduct and add points to the children individually and to the entire class. ClassDojo is completely customizable. You can integrate other programs in ClassDojo is a great tool for tracking classroom or student progress. Tracking progress helps children and teachers work towards goals together.

Class Dojo is so popular that now is used in 90% of elementary schools. Class Dojo also offers free resources to help students, parents, and teachers use the app. There is a printable introduction letter for teachers to give to the students and parents. There are also videos to for viewing. The app is an extremely simple to use. It is available to be downloaded for free on Android or Apple phones and tablets. If you do not have a device to download it on, you can just use the website. Notifications will be sent through your email. Communication is simple with Class Dojo.


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  • Kristi Rosales January 17, 2017 at 6:04 am

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