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Clients Appreciate The Efforts Of Securus Technologies


When something is good and effective, people are definitely going to appreciate it. This is exactly the reason why I see so many emails and letters coming to the office of Securus Technologies each day.


Securus Technologies is well known for its LBS Software. In fact, this is one reason why people will continue to use the products and services of this company for years to come. Once this software is used with the Investigator Pro, it makes Securus Technologies the leading provider of jail phones in the nation.


There have been incidences when the jail and prison officials have monitored calls in order to solve cases. There has been one incident when two siblings were talking to each other. The younger sibling had no criminal record whatsoever. The older sibling was instructing, the younger one how and what to answer in case he gets questioned about a shooting that took place some time ago. This was a vital clue in solving the case. Obviously, this phone call was the main giveaway here.


In addition to motivation, it also provides the team with inputs on what is going well, what is not, and how to make changes or add features that will make their products and services more useful to their present as well as prospective clients. This displays the kind of commitment that the company has towards its clients. They are always willing to receive feedback and take the necessary action accordingly. This is why Securus Technologies is receiving a lot of appreciation from everyone.



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  • John Simeon March 13, 2018 at 1:24 pm

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