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Contributions of Peter Briger in the Growth and Success of Fortress Investment Group


Fortress Investment Group is one of the largest alternative investment companies in the United States. Since its inception, the entity has achieved huge success through its strategically formulated policies. However, the growth of the company can be highly attributed to its a successful leaders, such as Peter Briger, who have dedicated their lives to the success of the company. During his lengthy stay, Peter has been the shining light and strategy formulator in the company. One of his major skills that have been very useful in the company is his ability to determine investment opportunities that have the potential for growth.

Thousands of companies and investors are mostly focusing on the capital market to make profits. However, Peter Briger directed Fortress Group to invest in alternative assets such as old railway lines and abandoned factories. This was a move that would have been seen by many as speculative. However, with the financial boom that has been witnessed in the United States in the last few years, the company has been able to reap huge benefits from the sale of these properties. Peter Briger used his financial skills and his vast knowledge to analyze the potential of alternative asset investment. These properties were trading at very low prices because they had very little or no demand. Acquiring such properties was, therefore, easy and cheap.

Peter Briger has also been the face behind the extensive real estate investment that is currently being undertaken by Fortress Investment Group. After the acquisition of the company by Softbank, there has been an increase in cash injections in the operations of the company. Most of the funds are being used in major commercial infrastructure development, especially the monumental property at the heart of New York City. Senior housing is another major investment strategy that Peter Briger has introduced in the operations of Fortress Investment Group. With the number of senior people increasing in the country, Fortress Group is leveraging on this opportunity to provide housing to the senior people. Other investment products in the same line such as the New Senior Investment Group have already been incorporated in the company’s portfolio.

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