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Cotemar Mexico: Stellar Performer in the Gas and Oil Fields


Servicing both the gas and the oil industries, Cotemar Mexico has established itself as an industry leader. Offering the very best in products and services for offshore vessels and rigs, the company has become highly revered. Ensuring to surpass all expectations, Cotemar offers a few different types of services and each are provided by highly trained professional in the industry.




The Company


Cotemar Mexico was established in 1979 and is headquartered out of Campecha, Mexico. It is a 100% Mexican owned and operated company that prides itself on providing the best possible vessels and trained people for the oil and gas industry. Offering efficient solutions for the industry is Paramount to the success of Cotemar.




Cotemar Mexico provides specialized services to certain areas of the oil and gas industries, including:








*Maritime Support Vessels


*Transportation of Personnel and Supplies




*Various Accommodation Services




The Vision and Mission of Cotemar Mexico


For almost four decades, the professionals at Cotemar Mexico have trained and worked very hard to continue a legacy of being an environmentally friendly company that is also very committed to its workers as well. Using state of the art technological training, the staff provides exceptional services and skills that are tailor-made for the industries of oil and gas.



Cotemar Mexico’s mission is to make a positive contribution to the gas and oil industry in a way that will not be negative to the environment. Providing their top-notch services and skills has led to the success of the company. Another factor in it’s success is that of employing people that are, like he company itself, very success-driven.



The vision of the company is laid out in such a way that they convey a passion for creating a company that is sustainable and successful. It creates specialized segments in the gas and oil industry on a global scale. Implimenting modern production processes and high-tech services helps to support a global network of vessels.


With such highly evolved and specialized services, it is no wonder why Cotemar Mexico has been doing business for over 37 years. Judging by past success and current positive momentum, it is clear that Cotemar is an industry leader.


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