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Could Jason Hope Tap Into the Airline Industry?


Jason Hope, a young entrepreneur in Scottsdale, Arizona, is known for his love of all things technology, but he is equally known for his love of tapping into what’s new. Airlines, what many consider to be an ever emerging market is a growing industry that Jason Hope wants to be part of. Jason knows it’s all about how IoT, the “internet of things”, and how it impacts the industry is what matters most. This terminology is no longer an experiment in science that you hear about. This is real stuff, in real time, and we are almost to the stage where the toaster tells us the toast is lightly browned before it pops up.

The internet of things is next in airlines for Jason Hope, as he continues to figure out how everything in the plane, from front to back is connected in the air. Wireless connections are ruling the world. This means that even toothbrushes are being ruled by wireless connections. A large researcher, Gartner Inc., has now predicted that more than 20 billion objects will be connected as early as 2020. The biggest component of this move is Bluetooth. With Bluetooth anything and everything can be connected. Is it weird that objects can communicate with people? What if they can communicate with each other? Jason Hope believes it can improve air travel.

Regardless of how you look at it, devices that can transmit using beacon technology are enabled by sensors. These beacons are now tiny enough to be placed nearly anywhere, making it convenient for anyone or anything to utilize Bluetooth technology. The viewpoint of Jason Hope is that it not only could make air travel safer, but it could make it easier for check-in, as well as for the individual who wants a more personalized travel experience.

One of the best examples that Hope looks to for guidance is the Virgin’s Boeing 787’s. These planes are wireless from front to back, with a full wireless connection. Wearable devices are also a part of this. Imagine a bracelet that could steer you the right direction if you’re lost at the airport. If you’re headed to the wrong gate your device could tell you that you’re lost. The ability to monitor you and where you are headed based on your travel plan is all registered in the beacon. That’s futuristic, and it’s coming soon.

Jason Hope’s Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/public/Jason-Hope