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Darien Dash, the Pioneer of African- American Technology


Darien Dash opened his first company in 1994. He is self-made, and he funded the company for the first four and a half years. DME Interactive Holdings was the first African-American internet company in Wall Street. With years, he executed his mission of availing softwares and hardware’s to the minority group.

DME Holdings executed its roles by rewiring urban areas for digital internet access. The company also placed itself strategically by being the number one provider of minority content. It was among the first companies to enter into new technology. The first clients include the New York Knicks, Lugz, and HBO home video.

In 1999, Darien Dash had his first merger. They acquired Pride Automotive Group, controlling interest in the leasing company. Later DME Holding also acquired Kathoderay, a consulting firm. With the growth, the company opened another office in Manhattan.

With years of experience, resilience, and growth, Dash started his new venture, the Movement Management Firm. The company grew from daily activities to clients. It was a convenient time for Darien Dash to keep on advising on strategy and the capital markets.

The Movement Management Firm has an array of clients. From well-established CEO’s, executives of corporations to start up’s. Darien Dash is keen on maintaining balance. He feels that there should be no discrimination, and services rendered should be equal.

As an entrepreneur, Darien Dash loves repeating the process that works. He can balance flexibility with a client but also executing his strategic plan. He is also keen on setting goals. To be able to recognize when one has hit a specific goal. On top of it all, he is keen on stashing some income. It is vital for growth. He believes in the keeping of the score of the balance sheets. It prevents things from running out of control. To know more about Darien visit crunchbase.com

Darien Dash is keen on the future trend of more African American and Hispanic entrepreneurs. Each day, they are becoming business owners in media, tech, and telecom and the cannabis industry. He believes the cannabis industry has more to offer as business ideas. His advice is more detailed research on the beauty and wellness provided by cannabis.