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David McDonald Spearheaded The Launch Of OSI Group In China In 1992


It has been more than 25 years since OSI Group opened a food processing facility in Beijing, China. OSI is a global American company with a total of 67 facilities across 17 countries. The organization has 20,000 employees and has plans for more expansion abroad. OSI China operates the Beijing operation, and it has shown substantial growth simultaneously as the economy of China has been expanding. Company President and Chief Operating Officer David McDonald is proud of the performance of their China-based team. OSI Group opened its doors in Beijing in 1992. Several years later, the company was called upon to supply the local McDonald’s with 113 tons of food. The country sponsored the 2008 Olympics and millions of visitors from around the world flocked to Beijing.

David McDonald and the employees of OSI China successfully supplied the fresh fixings, and every order was filled with no complaints or problems with the food. The company supplied McDonald’s with the hamburgers, pork, chicken, and vegetables. OSI was founded as a meat retailer in a small Chicago suburb. The company is deeply rooted in Illinois where it has been in operation since 1909. Now, as a leading food producer to the food service industry, the organization is a distributor to McDonald’s, Burger King, Papa John’s, Starbucks, and other companies around the world. They employ the use of the most cutting-edge equipment available to the food production sector.

David has led the global expansion of OSI for several decades. His career at the company started upon his graduation from Iowa State University in the 1980s. David majored in animal science. OSI was a family owned and operated business since current Chief Executive Officer Sheldon Lavin took over in the 1980’s. Members of the founding Kolschowsky family continue to serve in the company. Otto Kolschowsky, a recent German immigrant at the time, was a proud merchant in the community. He was committed to delivering the highest quality of meat to his customers. The same commitment to quality continues to drive this multi-national organization and its staff.