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Doe Deere Forbes Superstar


Doe Deere recently featured in Forbes. Doe Deere is founder of her fashion brand Poppy Angeloff. Doe was featured with a beautiful outfit, flawless makeup, and pink hair. Everyday she likes to put in her personal style her influence in her multiple fashion businesses. After influence from her sister and months of studying jewelry design Doe launched her jewelry business inspired by the Victorian Era.

Doe is a social media influencer with a unique style in makeup, clothing, and now her own jewelry line. Doe wanted to influence young girls to have a style with bright colors and to not be afraid to express themselves with a unique style. Doe wants young women to be ale to express their emotions through colors, and to be able to express being confident in how they look.

Doe has had support from her husband. In the beginning when she started Lime Crime Cosmetics from her apartment. Doe modeled her own products, and developed a unique line with colors that others expire to achieve in their looks today. She knew that her creative ideas were different. It took 10 years before her husband assisted in finding a manufacturer that would take her first orders which then sold fast.

Doe did experience moving from a different country at a young age, and experienced homelessness with her family. During this time of homelessness she was blessed that her family took old jobs and had help from strangers. Also in the beginning of creating Lime Crime Cosmetics she did not have the money to hire models or pay for marketing of the product line. She has stated that these hardships in life are her key motivation in wanting to be successful. Doe Deere has success from being passionate about her business. Also she is a customer of her product and loves making different products to express personality. Doe also believes it is best to take risks, and it turns out she has done a great job.