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Dr. Eric Forsthoefel Brings Technology To Emergency Rooms


Most emergency rooms at hospital around the country are used to using the standard medical equipment when treating patients. However, with technology becoming better and better, more machinery is being built that can treat people with much better outcomes. The development of this new equipment is slow to reach the hospitals because many practitioners are not aware of its existence. Dr. Eric Forsthoefel of Tallahassee Hospital in Florida is one doctor who is very aware of new breakthroughs in medicine. He is constantly scouring medical journals and technology magazines to find out what is being worked on and how it can benefit his patients.

Dr. Eric Forsthoefel graduated from the University of Louisiana Medical School with a degree in emergency medicine many years ago. He continues to educate himself by attending classes and seminars in order for him to stay at the top in his field. Many people who have worked with him have said that Dr. Forsthoefel is always studying something. Eric feels that technology is the future of medicine and he wants to bring as much of it as he can to the people he sees in the emergency room of the hospital.

Dr. Forsthoefel has met with members of the board of directors of the hospital in order to show them what new advances have been made and how they can put it to use. The board has already instituted policies that will upgrade the emergency room. Many old fashioned pieces have been replaced by new machinery and patients feel that the emergency room is now working much more efficiently and diagnosis’s are being made much more rapidly. Dr. Eric Forsthoefel leads the team there and teaches them how to use the newest equipment and what it can do for the visiting patients.

The emergency room at Tallahassee Hospital has been cited by many medical organizations as being one of the most modern in the country. Dr. Forsthoefel has written articles that have been published in various magazines on what technology can do for hospitals and patients. He continues to look for new ways of treating clients.