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Dr. Jejurikar: Dallas Plastic Surgeon


Dr. Sam Jejurikar, a well-trained, well-known plastic surgeon in Dallas, Texas, has a variety of services for women and men.

When a potential client comes to Dr. Jejurikar, they would like to know what they would look like after the plastic surgery. This can be done with before and after photos, but it is usually to have precise after photos before the surgery. What has made more precise after photos is the surgical simulating software program called Crisalix 3D. This imaging program will give you a good sense of what you will look like after the surgery and it is one of the advantages that Dr. Jejurikar has over other plastic surgeons.

However people try, it is hard to stop the effects of aging on your face. It is hard to stop the effect of your DNA, your exposure to the sun, your eating habits, your stressful and your diet. Due these effects, your face could get lines, wrinkles, sunken cheeks, drooping jowls and thin lips. Dr. Jejurikar, obviously, cannot get totally get rid of the effects of aging, on your face, but he can make the aging process easier for you. He has the surgical skills to get rid of the sunken cheeks, wrinkles, lines and drooping jowls. He can make you look good as you age, but no surgeon has the skills to totally stop the effects of aging. To you

Dr. Jejiurikar of Dallas knows that people are not born with perfect noses/ If you feel that the nose is more imperfect than usual, you can get what is called a rhinoplasty. Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure that deals with the imperfections of the shape of your nose. You may feel feel that you need to make the shape of your nose better to make your feel more confidence and to give balance yo your face. You can do rhinoplasty and nasal surgery to correct defects or injuries inside your nose. Dr. Jejurikar has the experience to deal with any plastic surgery that deals with the nose.

As some people are unhappy with the shape of their nose, there are some women who are unhappy with the shape of their breasts. Their unhappiness could could come from weight gain, aging, breastfeeding and pregnancy could change their breasts in ways that that they don’t like. Some of the procedures that can be done by Dr. Jejurikar to change the shape or size of their breasts are breast lift, breast augmentation, breast implant and breast implantation. Dr. Jejurikar is has perfected his skills when it comes to this kind of plastic surgery.

Dr. Jejurikar had not ignored the male gender. He does know how to do male hair restoration, skin care, injectable laser resurfacing and gynecomastia. He certainly open to doing plastic surgery on both genders.

There is no type of plastic surgery that Dr. Jejurikar is not familiar with.

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