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Dr. Jennifer Walden: The Name to Know for Austin and NYC Plastic Surgery


Dr. Jennifer Walden is the acclaimed aesthetic plastic surgeon from Austin, Texas who will be featured on this year’s beauty panel of America’s favorite music festival: South by Southwest (SXSW). She owns and operates Medspas in Austin and New York City, and is quite successful at making people’s dreams come true. With a full five-star rating on Google, Dr. Walden specializes in treatments such as breast augmentation, skin tightening, fat reduction, vein reduction, sunspot reduction, buttocks lifts, vaginal rejuvenation, erectile dysfunction difficulties, rhinoplasties, and more.

She works closely with Harvard-trained plastic surgeon Dr. Nicole Phillips, and has been seen in such publications and news outlets as KVUE ABC News Austin, The New York Post, NYC’s 1039NY radio station, MD Monthly, Texas Monthly, and was featured as one of Austin’s Top 10 Doctors in Austin Monthly. With such influences as Coco Chanel (“Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself”) and Henry Ford (“If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses”), Dr. Walden loves making a lasting difference in people’s lives.

She has spoken on the panel at the Baker Gordon Symposium about minimally invasive procedures for people who aren’t quite ready for facelifts, and has graced the cover of MD Monthly regarding her brand new expansion into New York City. Treatment costs range for as little as just $25 for vitamin booster shots, to $200 and beyond for more involved services. Some of her botox clients have even driven three hours round trip in order to receive the best care and trust as they possibly could!