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Dr. Mark Holterman, the Person Taking Pediatric Surgery to another Level


Dr. Mark Holterman, MD, Ph.D. is an Illinois based doctor located in Maywood with another office in Peoria. He highly experienced and specialized in pediatric surgery and general surgery. He graduated from Yale University with a Bachelor of Arts (BA), Biology, General and earned his Master’s degree and Ph.D. in Medicine and Immunology, at the University of Virginia from 1980-1988. Dr. Mark Holterman has been a full professor at the University Of Illinois College Of Medicine.


Dr. Holterman is also an attending pediatric surgeon at St. Francis Medical Center, the Advocate Christ Children’s Hospital and the Children’s Hospital of Illinois. He is also a member of professional organizations such as American, Academy of Pediatrics and American College of Surgeons. Dr. Holterman has based his interest in stem therapies, regenerative medicine as well as obesity and novel cancer treating.

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Dr. Holterman’s Achievements in Line of Duty


Dr. Holterman’s twenty-year experience has helped him apply his expertise as an attending physician at St. Francis Medical Center, a hospital where he was a co-surgeon during the first successful trachea transplant in a child ever completed. The operation took nine hours and performed on a Korean toddler aged 32 months. The kid was born without a developed trachea hence Holterman and colleagues relied on the Biospheric Xvivo cell incubator, engineered stem cell-based trachea, and a nanofiber tracheal scaffold (https://www.behance.net/MarkJHolterman).


The Xvivo is a closed system with closed cells incubators and hoods that allow for storage and growth of cell cultures. The system operates in different ways;


  • Can feature one unique hat and a single nursery.


  • The system can include a microscope station and additional incubation chamber and other add-ons such as cell separators.


  • A third configuring stage can consist of further unlimited number of incubators, while still combining more hoods and other stations.


Dr. Holterman’s Charity Activities


Dr. Mark Holterman is actively involved in charitable medical activities across the world (Vitals). He has done medical work in conjunction with the International Pediatric Specialists Alliance for the Children of Vietnam (IPSAC-VN). Dr. Holterman helped create this organization with the aim of improving pediatric surgery in Vietnam through training, education, and collaboration with local physicians. Physicians with this team have recently completed its first ever mission of 2017.

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