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Drink More Water and use Genucel in the Winter to Combat Dry Skin


The winter can certainly take a toll on your skin. Do you know why this is? We tend to consume less water in the winter than in other seasons. Your lips become chapped and just using lip balm is not the only way to protect it. You will start to notice dry skin in all parts of your body. To protect your face from the winter weather, drinking more fluids and using Genucel by Chamonix can help keep your face youthful and healthy.

Cold Environments and the Skin

If you live in a cold weather area of the world, the humidity also drops, drying out your skin. When you go inside, you tend to turn the heat up high, which also contributes to dryness. This also causes evaporation to occur. So how can you win in these conditions? Wrinkles increase and the natural healthy glow you desire tends to fade. This can be combated by a proper skin care regimen.

Protect your Skin

When you begin to hit your late twenties after twenty five, your skin starts to age. Using products by Genucel can assist in combating this natural occurrence. They have many products to help keep your skin and neck youthful appearing.

Drink more Water

You may not think you need as much water in the winter because your activity level drops, but this is the time you need to be drinking more water. To assist in this, carry a water bottle with you. Also, drink water before a meal and when you first wake up. If you want something carbonated, try unflavored or flavored seltzer water. This will curb the cravings for caffeinated beverages which dehydrate you. You can also add lemon or lime to your water to flavor it up. There are also many water flavoring products available these days that you poor into a bottle of water or a glass to make it more pleasant. These are easy ways to trick yourself into consuming more water. Running a humidifier and using Genucel skin products can also aid in keeping your skin hydrated. Don’t forget to use a sunscreen as you still need it when you go outside. To know more about Genucel visit newbeauty.com