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Eli Gershlokovitch and Canada’s Steamworks Craft Award Winning Microbrews


In Canada, as in the United States, craft beers have been exploding in popularity over the past ten years. Canadian microbreweries, where craft beers are produced, have more than doubled in the past decade. Interestingly, Canadian brewers package some of their beers in aluminum cans, instead of the glass bottles traditionally associated with microbreweries in other nations. This is partially due to the lower cost and carbon footprint of transporting cans, as well as the convenience of pop-top cans.

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One Canadian Brewery, Steamworks, owned by Eli Gershlokovitch intends to disrupt and revolutionize the craft brewing industry (Steamworks.com). Gershlokovitch rightly states that any company that remains stagnant will eventually be surpassed by new innovative ones. His promise to customers is that his company will remain competitive and stand up against the test of time.


Eli Gershlokovitch’ business model starts with quality, quantity, and price. By keeping prices low, Steamworks enables customers to purchase large amounts of beer, which keeps the company going in the short-term. Longterm growth and sustainability are achieved through measured expansion based on steadily increasing demand. The larger the operation, the more business it attracts, and the more business it attracts, the larger the business can get. This encapsulates Gershlokovitch’s personal philosophy of “Grow to meet demand, or demand will shrink to meet you.”


In addition to brewing, Eli Gershlokovitch is a classic car collector. Gershlokovitch owns the entire Steamworks company outright, insisting on being the master of his own destiny. Besides brewing, Eli Gershkovitch also has a degree in law and is an accomplished pilot. Beer, however, is his passion, which possessed him the first time he tasted Belgian beer in Germany, inspiring him to start Steamworks.


British Columbia, where Steamworks is headquartered, boasts more than 100 microbreweries today. These breweries are producing an increased amount of beer each year, indicating strong market growth. British Columbia’s explosion of breweries recalls a similar era that unfolded in Portland, OR more than a decade ago, where microbrews have all but overtaken domestic beers in popularity and availability. Portland’s microbreweries are now world famous, and tourists travel from places as far as New York City and Germany to try beers brewed there; Canadian craft breweries are now starting to have similar results.


Vancouver Craft Beer Week is a new week-long beer festival that has been going on since 2017, and it has grown to provide over 100 breweries a chance to share more than 350 beers, live music, merchandise booths, games, brewing demonstrations, and food trucks. The event has become increasingly popular since it began.

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