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If one looks at the ancient world, one learns much about the thinking of the time period. The philosophers have taught us much about how mankind thinks, and does not think. Take a look at Empiricus. Empiricus was an unusual thinker. He was both a medical physician and philosopher.

Empiricus makes us learn what it means to be a skeptic, and how it is good to turn things around, analyze them, and review them from different stances. The weird thing about Empiricus is that he thought truth was almost impossible to achieve, in certain instances.

What one might perceive might be true for one person, and not the truth for others. For instance, a person with a certain color perception might see a dress in blue, and another person gold, depending on lighting factors. What is the truth? Perhaps, something to be pondered with a grain of salt! See This Page for related information.

Now, as we travel to our modern day time period, we take note of another Empiricus -a busy company in Brazil, with an American counterpart. Empiricus publish newsletters, and videos– some of which can be eye openers! They can very often create a new way of thinking about political events, and challenge dogmatism! Their whole business is conveyed through information, and newsletters.

They are published for what one might presume to be the allegory of the cave. Are we looking for the light in politics? Are we looking for truth? Now, Agora is the holding company for Empiricus which publishes newsletters on everything from finance, travel, health and a whole plethora of topics. S

ome of their newsletters also have political overtones, concerning such politicians as Trump, and Dilma Roussef, an impeached former Brazilian president. Empiricus newsletters defend the politically incorrect, and the view of polemics. One must remember that Empiricus serves a niche that is undeniable. Go Here to learn more.

One might think the publications are divisive, however; if ones studies social media they are more like promoting public awareness on a different point of view. Since truth is not always achievable, then keep a skeptical viewpoint. It might very well be correct, and worth considering. This is the Empiricus Greek School of thought and philosophy -a return to an ancient school of thought. So read, Empiricus publications! Knowledge is power, and it can be politically popular. One might very well remember Descartes, when thinking of Empiricus: Cogito, ergo sum!


Learn more news and updates in their page on https://www.instagram.com/empiricus/?hl=en