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Flavio Maluf’s Lessons On The Necessity of Sustainability


Flavio Maluf is a 67-year-old Brazilian CEO, head of successful, Sao Paulo-based corporation Eucatex. He enjoyed his birthday in November of 2018, at which point numerous articles were published presenting a look at his life and commemorating the occasion. The life of Flavio Maluf is one that’s particularly worth commemorating, as he’s a man which Brazilian environmentalism owes much to. Throughout his own life, he’s spent great amounts of time and money on environmental education, sustainability efforts, and similar programs in addition to his running of Eucatex.

Eucatex is as old as Flavio Maluf, both born in 1951. Eucatex is a company that uses eucalyptus trees for industrial purposes as a raw material, and their operations were sustained fairly normally for the first eleven years. However, in 1962 they began to take on their modern, environmentalist aims, as they began replanting the eucalyptus tree fields in the vicinity of Sao Paulo to ensure a steady supply. Read more about Flavio at negociosemfoco.com

While this reforestation was only smart business practice, it did have an environmentalist motivation, and it was only the beginning of these initiatives that Eucatex would run. Particularly under Flavio Maluf, the environmental actions of Eucatex have expanded vastly in the 67 years of operation that the company has enjoyed.

While Eucatex runs many beneficial programs to support their community, to maintain excellent communication with their civil neighbors, to identify the ills of the neighborhoods of Sao Paulo, and even to maintain excellent natural firebreaks around their properties, they must be credited especially well for the environmental education department that they run.

This department has visited the people of Sao Paulo throughout its public places, from schools to centers of government, and promoted the importance of environmental sustainability. Few companies preach the importance of being good stewards to the environment, while Eucatex and Flavio Maluf take this directly to the populace. Their programs place special emphasis upon the value of urban tree planting to improve quality of life, and of the value of protecting the environment for future generations. In the years that this initiative has been run, it has made its mark on 27,000 Brazilian minds. Visit: https://www.infomoney.com.br/negocios/noticias-corporativas/noticia/8322468/sobe-em-5-o-percentual-de-venda-no-varejo-de-materiais-de-construcao-destaca-flavio-maluf-