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Fountain House Charity Wine Dinner to be hosted by Attorney Jeremy Goldstein


On May 21 at the Nomad Hotel in New York City, Attorney Jeremy Goldstein will host the fantastic Fountain House Charitable wine dinner gala. The attendees will enjoy an incredible meal and savor the most exquisite wine vintages by E. Guigal including La Landonne, La Mouline, and La Turque. Tickets to the event are $5,000 and will benefit a notable charity that helps people suffering from mental illness recover from their conditions. The gala is aptly named “Mental Illness: You are not ‘A Rone'” in honor of Jim Finkel.


Fountain House


Fountain House is a charity for individuals suffering from mental illness. Their aim is to help those suffering from mental illness to live normal lives, aiding them in gaining financial independence through education and employment opportunities. They also advocate for those with mental illness, countering the social stigma that too often follows them by working to improve the perception of such individuals.


Changing Lives


According to experts, 20 percent of the adult population is forced to address mental illness every year. Additionally, one out of every 25 adults and 20 percent of children ages 13 to 18 will experience or is currently living with some form of serious mental illness. Despite these facts, mental illness has long been a subject of the social stigma that impacts those suffering from it both materially and immaterially.


Fountain House has taken measurable steps to improve the lives of those suffering from mental illness. Each year, Fountain House provides 500 stable and safe places to live for people with mental illness. Clients of the Fountain House Employment Program find gainful employment at a rate of 42 percent as compared to the national average of 15 percent for people with mental illness. Additionally, Fountain House clients are provided with educational help, raising their high school graduation rate to 77 percent as compared to 32 percent without any help. Those who are aided by Fountain House spend far less time at a hospital, amounting to a decrease of 21 percent in Medicaid costs.


Jeremy Goldstein


Jeremy Goldstein is chair of the Mergers & Acquisitions Subcommittee of the Executive Compensation Committee of the American Bar Association Business Section and a partner at Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC, a boutique law firm. He is a lawyer who specializes in advising compensation committees and over the past 10 years has been involved in several of the largest corporate transactions. Some of these include Cingular Wireless Corporation/AT&T Wireless Services, Bank of America Corporation, and Goldman Sachs et al./Kinder Morgan. Jeremy Goldstein is also involved in philanthropy and serves at Fountain House as a member of the Board of Directors.


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