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Full Speed Ahead: Nicolas Krafft


Nicolas Krafft is a man who only wants to go one way and that is full speed ahead. He has been on the international scene for many years and is currently the International General Manager of L’Oreal products. He has been working his way up the ladder at the company and the hard has paid off for him. He also works at a company called Pulp Riot. It is also under the L’Oreal name. In the past few months, L’Oreal and Nicolas Krafft have worked very hard to celebrate the power of women in the workforce.

L’Oreal along with Nicolas Krafft celebrated women by offering a fashion show for them that was open to the public. The event also featured major stars from film and television. The event featured a floating runway on the river Seine. This was a rare one of a kind event for the company.

Many celebrities took to the runway to celebrate L’Oreal and its brand. Stars like Eva Longoria and Elle Fanning took part. The event showcased creativity and beauty. The event was held in the capital of France which is Paris. This is where the main headquarters of the company is located. The event lasted eight days and was a huge party for L’Oreal as well as Nicolas Krafft.

The main goal of the event for L’Oreal and Nicolas Krafft was to celebrate the creativity of women in the fashion and makeup industries. The event was to honor how inclusive L’Oreal has become in the past few years. This is due to the efforts of Nicolas Krafft and his team that wanted to take the opportunity to honor the contribution of women and be sure that they felt included in the lavish event. This was also one of the first big events filmed by drones so people around the world could follow the festivities.

Nicolas Krafft has helped make L’Oreal relevant and stay one step ahead of the competition. As long as the company is still moving forward nothing can slow this company down. This is the way that Nicolas Krafft likes it to be.

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