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Genucel Anti-aging Products Ingredients by Chamonix


Genucel company has been in the market for a long time manufacturing anti-aging products by Chamonix. They ensure that all their products are tested before being sold to the market to ensure there are no complaints and side effects from the user. Various factors contribute to the aging process and formation of wrinkles on the skin including, DNA damage, lose fiber, swelling caused by the accumulation of fluid which is known as edema, among others. Genucel by Chamonix have researched and found solutions to the anti-aging process present in various natural active ingredients. They ensure that components used to make all anti-aging products are natural with no side effects and also works effectively reducing wrinkles, and puffiness around the eyes. They manufacture creams and oils to apply on the skin, and with some few weeks, the user attains the skin they desire hence boosting their confidence.

Some of the key ingredients used include; algal which acts as an inflammatory and antioxidant to protect the skin from effects caused by toxins build up and eradicate the damage of free radicals respectively. Marine collagen extracted from marine fish scales is used to make the anti-aging products since it’s of much benefit to the skin; it causes the skin to glow as well as strengthening skin fibers. PhytoCellTech is an extract from the malus domestica plant found Swiss apple; this plant cell speeds up the rejuvenation process of skin fiber hence reducing wrinkles. Glycation process occurs when sugar molecules attach itself to a particular protein without the facilitation of an enzyme, therefore, making skin fiber to loosen. To fight the glycation process eyeseryl ingredient is used to make anti-aging products to ensure that the glycation process does not occur.

Millions of people prefer and recommend Genucel and Chamonix anti-aging products since there is a variety to choose from including Genucel XV which works immediately. When applied on the skin the anti-aging products work within five minutes, and the results are evident since the facial wrinkles are eradicated giving the user a smooth and firm skin. Other varieties include the treatment for eyelids which tightens them as well as the plant cell therapy that strengthens and produces skin fibers. Genucel Jawline products are made by combining natural peptides and meadowfoam seed oil to smoothen and strengthen the skin around the neck, jaw, and chin with immediate effects. All products have been proven to be effective. To know more about Genucel visit LinkedIn.