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Gino Pozzo


Gino Pozzo is the owner of the Watford Football Club in the UK. He has the impressive ability to make underwhelming football clubs into more reputable leagues that are the best in their country. His work is so respected that he is one of the most well-known sports figures in Europe.

This Harvard graduate was born into a family that was passionate about football. He has lived in Italy, The United States, Spain, and England. It would be in the city of London where Pozzo decided to become more active in the football club in Vicarage Road.

Some people say that the love the Pozzo family has for football is in their genes since their involvement in sports goes all the way back to 1986 when the Udinese club was bought by Gino’s father. On top of owning sports clubs, the Pozzo family also owns an electric appliance business in Spain. They also take part in property and finance mergers.

Gino is the most prized member of the family due to his intelligence and capabilities. People are often impressed with the way he approaches his goals. The Pozzo family purchased the failing Watford club in 2012. Under Gino’s guide, the Watford club was competing in England’s top competition by 2015.

The Watford Club is the club that Gino Pozzo is most passionate about. The London club has strong ties to his success. His influence felt in every part of the club. He can be found at Watford’s training ground almost every day.

Gino has been praised by many others, including Andrea Carnevale who has stated that Gino was “the best owner in the world.” He has held high ranks in regards to his skill as a football club owner. Even fans on various social media site consider Gino Pozzo to be the best.