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Glen Schlossberg’s On-Trend Fashion Success


Glenn Schlossberg is a savvy businessman. He started young in the fashion industry and was able to take more risks since he had no commitments such as family. His father owned a dress factory so Glen spent a lot of time there growing up. This would help be the beginning of his up and coming success and would lead to a very bright future in the fashion industry. Seeing all the area of production made Glen feel he could bring fashion to a new level.

Schlossberg did not have a formal education in fashion, but felt he knew what it would take to be successful. He knew that getting the product on shelves as fast as possible with a 21 day turn around, one of the fastest in the industry. It is amazing that it only takes 3 weeks to take the idea and make it a reality and also get it out on the shelves for the consumer.

Glen Schlossberg travels to other countries to find fabric for his company’s designs. He has a sense for the trends and what fabrics will become popular in the future. He has traveled to places like China to find new fabrics. Glen also knows which areas to focus on. He was asked by a customer to make a plus size dress. He knew the area of plus size was lacking. He then decided he needed to make a plus line for juniors.

With his business “Jump” being so successful in the United States, Glen Schlossberg has also branched out to other countries such as Mexico, Australia and many more. He does keep his production in New York and New Jersey. His sales and distribution are also done in the same areas. He likes to keep it all local.

Donating to charities is another accomplishment of Glenn Shlossberg. He donates to charities such as cancer research and even reaches out to today’s youth. He is a mentor to young entrepreneurs in the fashion industry. This is how he will help take fashion to new heights in the future. He feels they will make a big impact on every aspect of fashion. To know more about Glenn Schlossberg visit chronicleweek.com


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