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Glen Wakeman: Becoming an Executive at LaunchPad


Glen Wakeman is a successful American businessman and entrepreneur who co-founded LaunchPad Holdings LLC. He is currently serving as the company’s chief executive officer, and his leadership has proven to be effective as the company is thriving and growing. Glen Wakeman is known for his mentoring skills, as well as his entrepreneurial gift. He managed to help small startups and turned them into successful businesses today, because of how he trained and mentored those who are still new to the world of business. He soon founded LaunchPad Holdings LLC in 2015, in order to help smaller businesses, providing them with mentoring and training services which would enable them to grow.

Back when he was still studying, Glen Wakeman studied hard and in the end, he received an MBA degree in finance and another degree in economics. After graduating, he held several positions in different companies, including GE Capital. He also founded Nova Four, another business aimed to strengthen the performance of businesses. Many people who have worked with Glen Wakeman are sharing some of his leadership secrets. They are stating that he is most well-known for his five steps method in achieving success in performance (AffiliateDork). Glen Wakeman is an achiever and wanted the company to be an achiever as well, so he is implementing his five steps method to ensure that LaunchPad Holdings LLC will become one of the leading companies in the United States.

According to Glen Wakeman, the first key to success is to focus on risk management. He stated that without facing any risks, the company will be trapped in a bubble which would make them vulnerable even to smaller threats. He stated that a company should be able to withstand even the greatest challenges, in order for them to last longer and survive. Then, he stated that the human capital should be taken care of. The benefits should be given, and the employees should be treasured and not abused. Another thing that he pointed out is the power of leadership, and the power to executive business methods according to plan. Glen Wakeman stated that if a company followed the steps, they have a higher chance of becoming successful.

Visit his website at glenwakeman.com.

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