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Global Funds Firm Highland Capital Management Seeks Asset Class Diversification



Highland Capital Management integrates community, environment, and employee relationships into a core philosophy. Corporate and social governance make up the fabric of organizational success. Leadership utilizes a framework founded on trust, transparency, risk mitigation, and comprehensive allocation of capital.

With satellite offices in New York, Buenos Aires, Seoul, Singapore, and Sao Paulo, the highly analytical firm continues to impress its diverse client base through customized evaluations, exhaustive due diligence, and practical implementation. Highland Capital Management carefully screens each and every opportunity against its customer centric investment mandates and values. See Related Link for more information.

Making a difference is vital to public trust. While technique and technology get your foot in the door, long-term success is the result of relationship building, board involvement, and non-profit volunteerism. Contribution is vitally important and serves as a springboard for brand recognition. Click Here for more information.

Executives of the firm have pioneered philanthropic initiatives, pledging over $10 million to education and healthcare organizations all over the nation.

Highland Capital Management has an internal corporate culture that nurtures talent, passionate recruits, referred to as future Highlanders. Candidates that display propensities for sales and marketing, investment research, compliance, and accounting. Pension & Investments elected Highland Capital Management as official recipient of “Best Places To Work in Money Management 2018”.

The multi billion-dollar global investment enterprise began circa 1993 with Mark Okada, and Jim Dondero as heads of operation. Since its inception, Highland Capital continues its role in shaping outcomes in alternative credit management products and services. The firm will most likely expand into more diverse sets of asset classes.


Visit their page on https://www.highlandcap.com/