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Greg Blatt shares insights on his success


Greg Blatt has had quite an amazing career having served as the Chief Executive Officer of several prosperous companies during this time. He is well-known for his time as the CEO and Chairman of Match Group, a position he held from January 1, 2016, to December 31, 2017. This celebrated business executive also served as the CEO of Tinder during this time. Before his appointment to these prestigious positions, he had served as the Executive Chairman for both Match Group and Tinder from December 2013. Recently, where he shared insights on his success.


Having the right talent


This celebrated business executive pointed out during this interview that from his observation, having the right talent is very crucial for success. This is because, as an executive, he is not always directly involved in bringing ideas to life. Since he does not have direct involvement in every aspect of a company, Blatt said that he goes out of his way to make sure that the company has the right talent (Bloomberg).


He added that success was a collaborative effort and having the right talent means that the company can get to benefit from the best of every employee. Greg Blatt mentioned that having the right talent also means that it will be easy for a company to come up with brilliant ideas. Technology has made the business world very competitive, and without brilliant ideas, a business can hardly survive.


Embracing technology


This former Tinder CEO pointed out that embracing technology also played an essential role in his success. He stated that as an executive, business meeting makes up for most of his responsibilities. Simple technologies like video conferencing significantly revolutionized the way he did his business meetings. The time that he would otherwise be spending on the road going for business meetings, he dedicated it to other productive tasks. Greg Blatt said that video conferencing enabled him to do meetings halfway across the world superbly and also increase his productivity. He urged other professionals and entrepreneurs looking for success to embrace new technologies as the could give them the boost they need to succeed.


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