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How Eric Lefkofsky is Changing the Dynamics of Data Analysis


Eric Lefkofsky hasn’t taken a science class since college, but he shows his expertise in the medical start up that he has. He is able to show his professional knowledge in the signs of cancer like it is a piece of cake. The forty- nine year old has created five businesses worth two hundred and fifty million dollars a piece. They all started off with data analysis.

Tempus newer business is a data analysis company that is looking at gathering a lot of data in order to help doctors personalize the care plan of patients. So far the company has raised 250 million dollars. The business looks as though it will be very successful and many are looking into a good outcome for the company. The company is so positive that they will succeed that they are looking into venturing into diabetes, and also depression.

Since the funding of the company 4 years ago, there has been 20 peer reviewed manuscripts developed from the company while their competitor has scripted 400. Although the cost of sequence has dropped it is still between $1000- $5000 which causes Tempus to lose money. The company also gives their data to drug companies, insurers and also researchers. Eric Lefkosky has not yet shared the companies revenue but has shared that the company gets seven figured fees from seven to ten cancer companies. In 2017 Tempus reached a licensing agreement with the American Society of Oncology which allowed them to extract data from over a million patients. This helped them tremendously since they were turned down from many companies who thought that it was unsafe to send data. As of today Tempus is working with 30% of U.S. Oncologist offices.