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How Influential is Ara Chackerian?


Ara Chackerian graduated from Florida State University with a B.S. in Marketing. Ara Chackerian driving motto is that experience inspires ideas as long as one engages in those ideas. Ara is described as a man of influence with numerous achievements, for instance, being an entrepreneur, philanthropist, co-founder for TMS Health Solutions and investor. He is also the managing partner at ASC Capital Holdings, LLC. The interest of Ara is mainly in healthcare, as ASC Capital Holdings aims to invest in quality healthcare from its early stages. Ara Chackerian is accredited with building the companies PipelineRx, Embion Inc. and BMC Diagnostics. He recently helped form the era of digital health as he believes that it increases the value of the healthcare system. Communication influences technology, and investing it in healthcare will help provide better healthcare services to patients. Ara Chackerian became successful through choosing the right partners for his projects as without the correct and needed environment and influence; an individual cannot make the right decisions.

Ara Chackerian wrote an article about the growing concerns in the Tech industry when it comes to mental health problems. The tech industry is among the most demanding, as its employees are always required to be creative and innovative. The sheer demand for those creative minds has led to the rise of mental pressures. There have been documented cases of employees having psychotic breakdowns due to the amount of stress associated with the job. Ara investigated this concept and noticed how medical bodies are concerned with the growing number of cases of mentally challenged employees from the tech industry. The employees most affected include start-up companies and entrepreneurs who are not conversant with the demands and pressures of such sectors. It is also unfortunate that most employees who suffer from the condition do not inform their superiors about their health, and thus suffer in silence. Ara Chackerian recommended that employers at such tech companies need to create a typical work environment for their employees.