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How OSI Group is Partnering with Impossible Foods


OSI Group, a top meat processing company is now artnering with Impossible Foods to manufacture the Impossible Burger. This meatless burger is now one of the most highly requested food items in America.

Recently, the meat processor entered into an agreement with Impossible Foods. This agreement was completed with the intent to release the “Impossible Burger” in more retail centers at the end of 2019.

Scaling manufacturing has been the primary issue. Both companies are looking into their futurecasts to determine how this will impact them now as well as in the future. Impossbile Burger launched into an extensive research campaign to ensure that they made the right choice for their partnership.

Meeting the demands for more of the meatless burgers was becoming challenging. Overrun with requests, Impossible Burger reached out to OSI Group. It was obvious that their reputation for customer service was stellar. Their history of partnerships is also impressive, as they have continued to expand into Europe and other countries.

The Senior Vice President of Impossible Burger, Sheetal Shah, has stated that everything is moving forward as they install the equipment for processing the meatless burger. OSI Group is known for the dedication to unwavering quality, as well as their ability to respond to the needs of clients.

Now that OSI Group is on board, productivity can be expected to increase each week. Recent weeks have now reported that production has tripled in the facility in Oakland, California.

The giant meat processor is now in more than 17 countries, and has more than 65 plants. Their goal is to continue to add high protein products to their product lineup, and to continue to partner with more companies like Impossible Burger.

Kevin Scott, the Executive Vice President of OSI says that he is looking forward to assisting Impossible Burger with their production. He has conveyed that it’s important to help them reach their goals, and then in turn they will reach their own.

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