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How Rocket Education is Changing the Standard of Education


Rocketship Education provides high-quality education to families who may come from backgrounds with limited opportunities. The rocketship education curriculum encompasses grades k-5. Since its launch, rocketship charter schools have served as an alternative for exposing children from a low-income background to advanced subjects in science and math. Recently, however, rocketship charter schools have received criticism from both the public and school officials. Questions regarding the use of technology, intervention, and classroom management are a few that have made headlines. Some are concerned the structure of the schools may be placing too much pressure on kids. As a result of such speculation, school officials are working on improving prominent aspects of rocketship education.

One of the main issues faced by rocketship charter schools is the enforcement of militant discipline. Many who are against the disciplining styles of the schools claim that it does not foster a healthy environment for a child’s development. Parents state that the overly-strict form of discipline is killing a child’s creativity. From this, schools are trying to adhere to less rigid standards. The hope is to foster a learning environment that is more suitable for children.

In the past, rocketship education has been praised for its seamless integration of advanced technology in an elementary school classroom setting. Now, criticism regarding the over-use of technology has started to take higher precedence. Many have wondered how much technology is too much. Furthermore, how much restriction should be placed on the technology before it becomes impractical? See the criticism in this article.

Another prevailing issue is the lack of support rocketship education offers. These may be due to a lack of faculty members, a student’s hesitance to ask for help or other various factors. Given the accelerated pacing of the schools, it is common for children to fall behind without receiving help. School officials are making more efforts to fix this.

While Rocketship Education has areas to improve upon, many are in support it. Many largely attribute the education received from such schools to future success. Regardless of stance, the majority are in agreement that changes to rocketship education need to be made.

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