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How Roseann Bennett Has Revolutionized Assessment and Treatment of Mental Health


Marriages and families are some of the most fundamental units of a human being. However, several research studies have shown that these important units have been source of anxiety, stress, and depression among many individuals. Roseann Bennett is one of the most experienced family therapists around the country who has been helping people to handle the challenges facing them in their families and it would be right to say that, over the course of her career, she has helped a considerable number of people.

Roseann Bennett has over ten years of experience in both family and marriage therapy, which means that she, understands everything that you might be experiencing and everything that happens in so many families. She has helped people to overcome so many challenges and continue with their lives on a positive note. She has previously worked as an in-home family therapist where she handled various critical aspects such as case management, crisis management, treatment planning, and domestic problems.

She has worked at New Jersey, especially in Hunterdon, Somerset, and Warren among others. It is while working at New Jersey that Roseann Bennett shown her skills and compassionate to her clients. She has proven herself in this industry and has emerged as a skilled therapist who is able to dig the source of the problem before coming up with a long term solution. Roseann has also portrayed herself as someone with forward thinking business skills.

One of her greatest life-time achievement is starting Center for Assessment and Treatment, which is an organization that has been designed with the sole purpose of helping people to get therapy and other associated treatments.

The organization focuses on helping disenfranchised or marginalized members of the community to get therapy treatment through a charitable organization. Roseann Bennett has also been very vocal about women and mental health, especially through online platform.

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