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How Serge Belamant Has Overhauled Blockchain Technology


Serge Belamant is a famous patent holder of blockchain technologies. He recently created Zilch Technologies. Belamant is one of the leaders in a developing industry. Bitcoin has become popular as investors have started to believe that cryptocurrency can be a major force.

Blockchain technology is described by many analysts as a combination of encrypted records that contain important data. Originally, blockchain technology was designed to assist the financial services industry. Today, blockchain technology is seen as a viable alternative to some of the aging financial systems. Blockchain is being used by companies to improve their complex supply chains. Through the implementation of smart contracts, blockchain seems certain to play a major role in the future of the global economy.

Serge Belamant’s Impact On The Industry

Serge Belamant attended Witwatersrand University, where he studied computer computer science. After leaving school, Belamant started working at Matrix Engineering Inc. Belamant created apps that helped analyze water levels in dams. The technology helped stop future droughts. Belamant helped develop computer models for projects at the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research. Belamant’s hard work lead to several new discoveries that improved road network analysis. While working at Databank, Belamant helped create an innovative financial system. Belamant was then recruited by SASWITCH to fix the problems with their RSA banking system.

After leaving SASWITCH, Serge Belamant created Net1 Technologies. Net1 Technologies provides services to multiple countries, including South Africa, Ghana, Russia, and Iraq. Serge Belamant also created a new PIN concept known as morphing. Morphing connects smart cards with UEPS when used with money devices such as a POS system. Belamant also created a new biometric comparison engine. The new engine has saved South Africa billions of dollars by getting rid of duplicates. Belamant notes that the engine can run continuously without any issues.

Serge Belamant’s verification system changed the way that online financial transactions are completed by assigning the transactor an identity. The transactor and transactee are also verified by another entity before the transaction is completed.